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    My best bet would be a mesmer but you have to be able to get 1on1 with her for that to work.
    My first thought was to disable Vital Boon with either distracting shot or power block. It might be a bit too difficult, though

    Maybe something along the lines of;


    Power block
    Spirit shackles
    Price of failure
    Spirit of failure
    Insidious parasite
    Reckless haste

    It's just some random anti-melee skills I could think of. I doubt it'll work, but I think you'll need to think in that direction.

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    I just cooked up something like this, dunno how well it would work:

    Ebon Dust Aura {E}
    Vital Boon
    Signet of Pious Light
    Nature's Renewal
    Distracting Shot
    Focused Shot
    Screaming Shot

    Exp - 14
    Marks - 11
    Earth - 10
    Wild - 6

    I calculated that there should be enough energy to run this continously indefinitely, but with Focused Shot only being used to keep the blind on. With a loss of energy, perhaps one should even be able to spam it a little. Interrupting a 1 sec cast of Vital Boon at point blank range shouldn't be a problem.

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    To possibly improve on oles' build...
    Ebon Dust Aura {E}
    Vital Boon
    Signet of Pious Light
    Nature's Renewal/Lightning Reflexes (IAS+defense)
    Distracting Shot
    Called Shot/savage Shot (<-- unavoidable and fast is nice)
    Screaming Shot
    Apply Poison

    Maybe one less Expertise, but this is about it yeah... Never was much of a farmer :) does she have enchant removal, if not then it might be an idea to use a 55hp necro with Spoil victor.

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    The ranger EDA build doesn't work. Not enough damage.
    I know what will work though. R/N Sskai build should work nicely:

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    This does work (killed him several times), and it's not a very long farm if you interrupt Vital Boon. As soon as the previous boon heals, hit distracting. It will interrupt.
    Here's the actual build:

    Use a crippling recurve bow.

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    minor point, Backfire actually works versus Dervish even if they're fighter types.

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    As a dervish I think you might be able to pull it off with the 130 HP Boss farm build... though I have to dig up the link later.

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