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    whats your fav. necro 15k armor?

    title says it all...i didnt make poll cause thats WAY too many armors ... oh and dont say FoW cause that doesnt count but 10k and 5k do... and remember to say male or female

    my personal Fav. is male 15k kurzick

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    15K luxon... nothing except FoW comes close IMO (for male necros, probably vabbian for females)

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    Vabbi for female is one of the few necro armors I actually like

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    15k luxon for males. I want to get that one for my necro. Female vabbian is nice but doesn't look much like a necro armor imo. Bonelace is probably my favorite for females.

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    Female primeval armor

    (No, I'm not joking)

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    15k tormentors, dyed white...its just so awesome

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    15k Luxon dyed black on either looks awesome. I now know that it looks great on females thanks to the April Fool's joke ;)

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    I like FoW, but Luxon dyed black is really cool! Both male and female of course

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    Female Vabbian.
    ~Bella Sera~
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    Need I say more?

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