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Thread: GW2 ascalon

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    GW2 ascalon

    so, we're told GW2 is 100 years in the future, and it's only an assumption that ascalon will be in there somewhere..

    but given Anet and the Player's affinity for pre searing, should we expect Ascalon to be all happy and green again? I'd like to think so..

    how long does it take foliage like that to grow back anyway? I heard ash is good for plants.. maybe Melandru will have to work hard to get it all fixed up in time..

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    foliage can grow back quickly over 5 years i guess ... in the real world at least.. but searin gcould mean the roots of the plants were killed too

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    I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Perhaps keep the stones there for lore references. Talk to some guy whoes father's father participated in the war and relayed the story. Still, I too would like to think that the land would return to a much more harmonious state. Maybe bits and pieces still scarred and forever unable to regrow. Other than that yeah, it would be nice to see most of the old cities and how much they have grown... how much we'll actually get to investigate as well.

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    It depends on the stage ascalon is kicked into. If the biomass is somehow gone it can take about a decade before you have some low foilage and small trees, if the biomass is still there plants have a thing to feed on and it could happen a lot faster. I think that in a hundred years everything will be back to normal.

    EDIT: look at yellowstone
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    Yellowstone and Crater Lake (Lake off of Mt. Saint Helens.)are good examples. That being said though this is a Fantasy Story... maybe Melandru could bestow some natural goodness on Ascalon and help revitalise the land except for random spots (IE: The actual sites of where the projectiles used in the Searing had landed - those big crystal things.) In fact it is theorised, by Gmr, that the Grawl are worshiping Melandru, as well as Lyssa, to heal damage done as they were manipulated by the Charr and fooled to do certain tasks. While still they hate us, they seem to have two factions one worshiping Melandru and the other faction on Lyssa. Perhaps Melandru could answer the calls and replenish the land?

    Either way I would like to see some historical references to what we have ran through AND seeing the original Pre-sear we all knew and loved.

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    Actually, Crater Lake is somewhere in the south side of Oregon, while Mount St. Helens is in southern Washington. You meant Spirit Lake.

    Anyway, I hope they do keep the landmarks and general terrain the same. I can find my way around Ascalon in a heartbeat, as long as my landmarks are there to tell me where to turn.

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    Maybe we'lll get all the wonky earthquakey sloped areas of post-sear, but covered in nice green grass and stuff.

    Those searing crystals will probably still be around at least.

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    Nah, there are going to be spaceships, aliens, and lasers. Rurick is going to come back as a talking head like in Futurama.


    I would love to see Post-Ascalon green. What I am really interested in is (well right now the maps are so well known and compact), is Ascalon as we know it going to get a whole brand new "bigger" map? Without the instancing and whatnot, its going to feel pretty crowded unless they do something.

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    Forests that are burnt up sometimes take a LONg long time to replenish, sometimes it's a little quicker. We'll just have to wait and see!

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    Well we don't know what effect on nature the crystals will have in the future. I recall some monsters had been altered by their presence.

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