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Thread: GW2 ascalon

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    Generally, tropical regions can reclaim a region at an astounding pace, given suitable conditions. A clearing in a tropical jungle, for example, can completely vanish in under 2 weeks.

    Temperate forests, which is what Ascalon's terrains to be, generally take longer to reclaim a region. However, 100 years should be plenty of time for flora and fauna to return to a blighted region, if the Searing crystals (which appear to be keeping the region hot and mostly uninhabitable) can be removed or destroyed.
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    I also think we are oversimplifying what was said. It didn't say "a hundred years" in the future, it said "hundreds of years". That could be 100 to 1 million years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quintus Antonius View Post
    I also think we are oversimplifying what was said. It didn't say "a hundred years" in the future, it said "hundreds of years". That could be 100 to 1 million years.
    my mistake, I haven't read the official articles and was going off what I'd heard, either way.. just gives us longer for the foliage to come back :D

    I'd hope the ascalon maps were scaled up.. bigger distances between outposts and such, but with same layout.

    I'd not heard anything about the crystals having a constant effect on the environment, if Ascalon can be brought back to it's former glory without destroying them I'd like to see vines and foliage slowly growing over them, giving passive hints of their presence whilst artfully using them to enhance the scenery around them

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    Erudine in Serenity Temple: "These giant crystals brought down from the heavens by the Charr seem to have had a drastic effect on the local wildlife. It's fascinating."

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    we might see a pre searing type area in gw2. from the ATS test thing, gaile was there, and asked if we was to ask your favortie area what would it be. ( was over all games ). everyone said pre sear ^^. she then said if we said that to designers that you love pre sear would it be fair to see it in gw2 in such an area. ^^ i logged her chat and i have posted it to hehe

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    It will be either one of the following.

    1) - A pile of rumble and stone.
    2) - A futuristic city with the latest technology.
    3) - An interracial advanced outpost used by all 5 races.

    I like number 3 more...

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    I would like to see something that looked familiar in GW2

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    Why are people talking as if Ascalon is already healing? Where's the earthquake-that-splits-the-earth-across-all-lands that's suppose to happen?

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    I'm thinking, considering the Charr homeland north of Ascalon is still green and presearing-esque in GW:EN, it really shouldn't be that difficult for the destroyed foliage to migrate south back into Ascalon lands in a hundred years (or more, whenever GW2 takes place).

    So, yes, I expect Ascalon to be green again, and I wouldn't expect the landscape to be the same either. Earthquakes + massive reinvasion of plant species + couple hundred years of erosion = landscape should get smoothed out quite a bit. Buried crystals and the like should be scattered around.

    The big question I have is, where will water come from? All the lakes and rivers seem to have become tar-filled, so I would imagine a lot of rain or running water would be needed to arrive before Ascalon could become green again. That's it, one of the quests in GW:EN is going to be to restore the aqueducts of Ascalon to siphon water from the Charr homeland =D

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    i think it will be just like pre, but then add big, deep, brown spots into the picture, btw when they are repairing, id love to ee them get Atheas stage out of the ground, have you seen it, the whole this is almost standing up straight!

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