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Thread: Soul Reaping

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    Soul Reaping

    According to the some developer posts, Soul Reaping will be changed by only allowing energy gain once every 5 seconds.

    This was to stop abuse from N/Rts spirit spamming and having plenty of energy, apparently.

    To be honest, I think they should just stop energy gain from spirits altogether: if you get energy from a spirit, then something else dies (giving you the full Soul Reaping benefit), you still don't get that. Also, Animate Bone Fiend is still 25, with a recast of 5 seconds. Including the cast time, it won't even out as well as it did before (this is strictly in PvE, though), where you'd pretty much be able to cast it as soon as it's up.

    Personally, I'd prefer the energy gain rate to be 2-3 seconds, and then exclude any spirit's deaths for energy gain (since it looks like this route is the way they're going to change SR).

    What do you think?

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    I'll have to test it out at the new rate before I pass any judgements, but I think it's a worthy change. SR was definately overpowered before in PvE. The worst it means is that we'll have bring energy management skills. All other classes (except ranger) need to equip energy management skills to be able to use 25 en skills with any frequency so it's not the end of the world imo.
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    ^ Exactly.

    I think most necros are just used to not having to bring energy management and that's the reason why they're so upset.

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    I've been playing a necro since day 1 in GW, and I really don't see a problem with this in pve. If you are running 11 soul reaping, you are still getting around 11 energy every 5 seconds, that plus your natural regen is the equivelent of 10 bars of energy. If lots of people die at once and you get "cheated" out of extra energy, its no big deal, becuase lots of people just died :) That means theres probably only a few left to kill and you don't need a full bar of energy to help you with that.

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    I have a few issues with the change - but since I haven't actually been able to test it in game yet, I might be positively surprised.

    The biggest problem would be that two of the best energy management skills for necromancers are Nightfall only. Signet of Lost Souls and Reaper's Mark.

    While I do have access to those skills, a prophecies or factions only player won't.

    I'd say that a more fair change to SR would be keeping it as it is, but removing the energy gain from dying minions and spirits.

    This would affect MM builds, but not catastrophically so. It would have little to no effect on blood or curses PvE builds and it would effectively stop the abuse of Rt spirits for unlimited energy in PvP.

    If SR is supposed to only give you energy once every five seconds now and you still gain half energy from a dying spirit, you might get unlucky and only gain half your SR stat rounded down every 10 seconds - making Ritualists and Rangers with spirits unwanted in some missions.

    It would also make anti-melee necros very hard to play.

    But, that's just me being pessimistic.

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    Sounds good in theory, its effectivness remains to be seen on the field.

    Like Bella said, SR was overpowered in PvE, and if this changes anything, than possibly the addition for an e-management skill. But since I use SoLS all the time anyway, it won't change a thing. It will probably make vizunah actually challenging lol

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    All necro skills have been overpriced from day 1 to compensate for soul reaping. I'd maybe be OK with it if we got across the board reductions in energy costs. But this certainly is not going to work.

    Note also the nasty effect of half energy from spirits in combination with only getting 1 shot every 5 seconds.

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    See the problem with the nerf is that there are 3 Energymanagement Options for Necros, and 2 are elite.

    OoB: Sac 20% Gain Energy Have to SPec Blood
    SoLS: COnditional, Minimal Energy Gain
    Reaper's Mark: This One s actually a good option, but it eats your elite...

    N/E and N/Me will become so much more common now.

    I think costs need to be reduced significantly.

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    At last, although maybe bone fiends should have been reduced to 15E.
    Right now, my curses necro has simple changed weapons to dual +15E/-1. With 2 MMs and mobs dying all the time, I sit at 80 energy almost permanently in PvE, I go down to 20-30E at worst when chain casting arcane echo, SS, SS, insiduous,etc... Although paradoxically, it will now be more efficient to use one or 2 +15E/-1 items to not lose SR energy by being too close to your max energy.

    In PvP, I guess it makes N/X with sipirit spammers less overpowered, it is simply retarded atm, let's be honest.

    The energy management nerf that actually annoys me a bit is actually Glyph of Lesser Energy. Those free Insiduous Parasites were nice. GolE, SV, Insiduous, all for 5E is nice. 10E isn't too bad either though.

    Soul Reaping has been overpowered in PvE and HA but useless in GvG and TA for ages. I hope they remove it completely or completely re-work it in GW2. A good solution imo would be to allow it to add up: for every 5s that you haven't had a soul reaping trigger you gain +3E the next time it triggers. Would make it much much more useful in GvG and TA while not affecting PvE and HA.

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    Well I wouldn't want to argue that SR isn't fairly powerful as of today, but the upcoming adjustment seems too harsh considering the generally high energy cost of necro skills and the lack of energy management skills / SR attribute skills.

    I'd much rather have them exclude spirits from SR gain, or at least reduce the energy cost on lots and lots of necro skills.

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