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View Poll Results: How has the SR change affected your Necro?

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  • None at all...I see no change

    6 4.05%
  • I see a slight change, but no energy management is needed.

    38 25.68%
  • I need some energy management and it's actually a welcome change.

    21 14.19%
  • I need energy management and I can live with it.

    17 11.49%
  • I HAVE to use energy management now and hate it.

    21 14.19%
  • I refuse to use energy management...that's what SR was.

    20 13.51%
  • I refuse to play my Necro until ANet changes it back.

    16 10.81%
  • Don't care, just want pudding.

    9 6.08%
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    How has the SR change affected your Necro?

    I just wanted to get some valid feedback from the Necros on this board. Other threads have stated that the change is not that bad (my testing proves it to me), but I've seen others post how their Necro is unplayable...I really have a hard time believing this, but I think a poll will show some valid proof.

    Please don't vote if you haven't tried it (unless you have a valid vote choice).

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I didn't see a poll.
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    The poll options don't really define what I'd like, but to elaborate on my choice. I've always needed a bit of energy management, Reaper's Mark, because my build constantly hammers the energy down. It's like a see-saw, one goes down, the other goes up. Energy goes down, but damage seems to go up, damage goes down, energy goes up. Sort of like that.

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    I wouldn't say I refuse or hate to bring e-management, it's just that I think SR should be able to fully take care of it - be it through passive gain from the line itself, or through active means as in bringing along a few SR skills.

    The later arn't there - at least not enough - therefore I'm not happy with what benefits SR is giving me atm.

    I voted "I refuse to use energy management...that's what SR was.", though I would rename it to "I refuse to use additional energy management...".

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    Tarnished Coast

    For now I have more important things to worry about.

    Where's the "too busy getting Golden Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies to go test" option? ^_^

    (voted for pudding, btw)
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    GWOnline.Net Member sequel's Avatar

    instead of retyping everytime a new thread is launched i'll just copy and paste my comment on what i've observed so far :

    it's manageabel, allthaugh the feeling of playing my necro has changed a lot :

    unaltered ss build i used for testing : troll unguent, parasitic bond, insidious parasite, defile enchantments, desecrate enchantments, serpent quickness, reckless haste, spiteful spirit

    ( these observations are collected in those areas i play most in with only 3 of my heros : final assault rago drop, ids mineral springs drop, spider run in uw, kunvie-rajazan drop, 5 boss kaolin run, koosun drop, sunreach-arbor drop, torment region, nf challenge missions, dwayana's grace drop )

    - can't keep up my insidious parasite and reckless haste for defence as i used to and the low armor is a real handicap, when fighting large mobs i'm forced to run around like a headless chicken which is annoying, i prefered when i was able to stand my ground

    - the entire bar i usually spammed 2 times in a row now works as 4 distinct spams of 2 kills i must carefully choose ( offence, defence, heal, elite ) the skills i've chossen were kinda complementary but i'm denied that perfect synergy ( serpent quickness lost its usefulness )

    - death penalty has become a major problem, i die only once on a run and am pretty much forced to start over from the outpost

    - monks have become a real pain, their healing surpasses my cursing and if i encounter a mob with two monks the fight can easily take up to 10 minutes which is ridiculous

    - before the update i supported my heros ( aggro, mele shut down, fast kill a menace etc ) now it's more like they support me

    - olias is fine, the impact on mm is minor, my whisperer with a feast of corruption build seems to get allong as well ( both are 5-skill bar builds taking along an animal companion and a rez ).

    If this unjustified nerf on pve curse necros ( zero energy from spirits would have been the reasonnable choice ) is kept as it is, several others things need to be adressed by anet for the curse line :

    1. The duration of skill's like insidious parasite and spiteful spirit needs to be buffed as correlation to the 5 seconds limit.

    2. Necro armor needs better defence ( the tormentor is still bugged and the undertaker is only available for nightfall armors which are butt-ugly ).

    3. Some useful skills for the soul-reap attribute line must be added ( i never liked that energy signet and hate it as of now if i'm getting forced to use it on every build ).

    4. A run skill might be useful as well, because teleportation is fine but too conditionnal.

    5. Avoid futur nerfs, curse necros are at their limit, even a minor one can kill us for sure this time

    In short the curse line suffers from this nerf and needs some adjustement.
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    I'm a bit disappointed that apparently 30% is not willing to even try changing their build even slightly. I mean the 20% which have tried it and hated it, well they've tried it, they've got a reason for their opinion, but just not even trying it, or not even trying to adapt to it.

    Oh I voted that I notice a change but that I haven't needed to use energy management (some passive changes, but no active changes). I thought the third option literally reffered to active e-management, you know bringing along skills, if passive e-management count then the third option, I welcome the change.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I'm not voting yet - I'm not done testing. :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member IIIPowerIII's Avatar

    Didnt affect me at all.

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    People are just overreacting...I was playing my necro in PvE to see if what people were saying were true and I saw little to no change. My energy didn't go down like they were saying. I even played Icy Veins spike in HA and not once did I have to wait for my energy to regen and I was even the healer. That's how much people are overreacting.

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    I can live with it but now MMing is annoying.

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