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    Great new GW2 idea

    This will be wars between guilds

    There should be a servar were guilds can fight openly (since gw2 will be one big world unlike the lobby system we have now) and take over towns from each other (imagine how wild it would get) After a town has being captured you can loot it (il come to that later) and get people to work for you. Guild halls would be like towns but they can not change hands.

    To get people to work for you money would have to be invested at the start of the week on which towns people will work for you geting matrails that can be sold to make a profit depending on how much you invest. You can build new buildings (towers walls houses (to make workers work better) etc

    To do the above you would set your guild to Conquest guild

    To do the bellow you would ser you Guild To Raid guild

    As a raid guild you could attack guilds without declareing war (which costs cash) which lets you attack anybody not in your guild raid guilds can controal towns but not invest so the source of income would be from loot but workers can be turned into slaves.

    Slaves dont work so well and can only build and do primary industries (mineing fishing etc) and will run away if ungaurded.

    Raid guilds are ment to attack Loot and escape slaves may be useful if makeing a tower or something is needed to hold off a attack

    Oh i know this would not work in GW1 so this is a GW2 iddea feel free to add

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    uhh i dont quite understand everything but with what i interpret is that u say that u can randomly attack guilds??? what if the guild is like doing quests and doesn't want to fight random people. what if ur a noob and u cant get into a guild never letting u enjoy a good expierance cuz all the good guilds/players own all of tyria

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    A server = one were you can = one were u can not

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    What Would you like to see in GW2?

    I thought such a topic would be appropriate since gw2 has been anounced and all.
    I would like to see a variety of things. First of is invisibility spells for certain classes, predominantly assassins. This of course would have to go away after attacking or using a skill.
    I would also really really like to see the whole pet function redone. I think that every class should be able to tame pets that act much like heros, except that they have their own unique set of skills, instead of taking up your own skill bar. All pets should be different. Certain professions should only be able to charm certain pets, usually ones that would complement the profession. A pet should have to be maintained greatly, it should be fed constantly or it will die. When it dies, a pet should have a chance of turning on its master after being ressurected.
    Rangers should have the ability to charm all pets.
    Charmable pets should be any beast creature, and not be separated from normal creatures by being green and not attacking unless attacked first. This way there should be dozens of choices for each class. Once they grow, they should beable to be ridden.

    The downside to having a pet would be the expense for food, and possibly armor, if it dies your skills would be disabled for a specific amount of time, and it has a chance to turn on you after it dies so many times meaning you'd have to get a new pet repeatedly if you aren't careful with it.
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    I would like to see GW2 with:

    Weather like rain.
    Random disasters - Tornados / volcano explosions / Tsunamies.
    A Lot of physics.
    Be able to destroy the environment/world.

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    yeah for instance if you use fire storm the ground becomes charred or something like that. I'm also hoping for a total redesign of the mesmer class to make the illusion attribute actually make illusions not the crappy skills it has now

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    Rag Doll Physics

    anet wants to provide a more free world which added jumping, swimming and even climbing...right?

    well they can also make it more interactive by adding ragdoll physics..

    it would be cool if you see someone blown from a meteor shower ...or lets say you are running and the last hit was an arrow to the back..and the way you die is that you still have momentum from your movement and roll on the floor or something...

    i dont think i have seen ragdoll physics in a mmorpg/corpg game.

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    ll KiyoTe ll

    Lightbulb Guild Wars 2, Ideas

    Hey GW 1 is a great game but i thought it could have some more things. You guys probably played Runescape. Yes it is a weak game, but i like the idea of makeing your own armor, fletch arrows and make bows, mine metals, go fishing, the list go's on. I think it would be great if GW2 had these elements. Say fishing, add that in the game, but like RS you just stand there until you caught a fish, BORING. So i say put in fishing but to catch fish you play a mini-game!!! Now that would be cool. Same with mining, say you tap the arrow keys to swing your pick or shovel with the ores you would refine it and then make armor, jewlery, stuff like that. Also wouldnt if be cool if u could hunt deer, rabbits, things like that? Once you killed your game you could skin the animal to get meat, or its hide and sell, or make clothing with it? and with the meat you could cook it and eat it to restore health or energy. Or you could gather plants and herbs to make potions, and you could cut-down trees to make a fire with a spit, or make lumber to build your own house!!! In your house you can make furniture, mount the animals of the game you hunted on your walls. Put your favorite weapon or armor piece in a display case. Sit by the fire. Oh and you should be able to have pet dogs and cats, like mini pets that you keep in your house, and you could have a chess board in your house that you could chanlenge a friend to and other games like it. Also in the outposts there should be taverns were you can have a cold drink and talk about battles with your friends. Or mabey you can box with other people. Or challenge them to a duel!! Have real instruments instead of a cheap air flute and add some modern instruments too, like an electric guitar. or a key board.
    I could go on and on, and on, and on, but to say everything that could be added would take to long, and too long of a post.
    This is my idea of a dream RPG game. but you have to keep in mind that GW has pretty much NONE of this so it would be a huge difference from GW1
    Tell me what you think all about this.

    ll KiyoTe ll

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    Nice read my idea and mix it in

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    ll KiyoTe ll
    Oh ya i forgot, horses!! That would be cool, riding into battle on a horse or some other animal or creature like a griffion or a dragon.
    They should make mounts like in WoW. Mabey for you face you could make one like in Oblivion or else choose pre-made ones. And in guilds they should make a more... defind rank system. Like luitenits, can lead large groups of players, and heros which are made up of smaller groups like squads commanded by sergents. Captains can recruit. And the general is the guildleader. And you can be awarded medals and ribbions from the higher ranking officers for PvP combat. I think this would combine KingJoes idea good with this.

    Lets pray Arena Net sees our ideas beacuse i think these posts would make a kick..Butt game
    P.S I love the ragdoll physics idea.

    ll KiyoTe ll
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