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    you for game devs the easy content to make in guild wars 2 would the open ocean why be you don't need to make alot of grahics for the open.

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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]

    Here are some ideas I think would totally make the game more life-like:

    Borderlines Between Nation Enemies

    Main idea: If different nation's are trying to take each other over, let them.
    -Let all these areas reside in a continuous map.
    -Allow either side to push against the enemey as far as their strength allows.
    -Have points where if one side fights the other side back, they start getting buffs.
    -Allow sides to push the others as far back as their major cities and outposts.


    Main idea: To achieve maximum customization in-game.
    -Crafted skills. Have a very large data-base of "part skills". These part skills once learned by the player, can then be crafted by the players into their own skill combos. Let the player then be able to name the skill she/he crafts. (Hellgate: London is already exploring this with its weapon combos).


    Main idea: Have more emerging quests.
    -Make things seem way more epic/adventurous (example: I climb this fricken huge mountain just to find a deathly looking monastery which holds information of where to get a special elite. I find the book in a cavernous library, and I am off to another distant land to find that skill).
    -If there is a fricken huge dragon to fight; have him in a spacious cavern that is dimly light by a moon-shine from a hole in the high ceiling. Have a winding staircase that goes almost straight up to a very high ledge. Once we start to get halfway up this fricken huge (100X larger than us) shadow can be seen flying, circling around the steps. The dragon is flying around us breathing fire and what not as we climb up. Maybe have places along the trip up where the party can tuck into the wall and strike at the dragon as he flies by.
    -Seasonal quests that can only be received and accomplished according to the season assigned. (Example: Some lady in winter gives you a quest about some monster that haunts her summer home (only in the summer of course ) so she can never visit; when summer comes around, you go and kill the monster).


    Main idea: Bigger is better
    -Seasonal changing environment that stays the same with all areas of the game.
    -Bigger mountains ! Something that is so big it takes at least 4 hours to climb all the way to the top; and like days to explore both the interior and exterior.
    -Have environmental effects such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and such...(example: a battle is about to go down against the violet skies that show clouds swarming in. As the battle starts a twister rips around the mountain and starts flinging peeps from both sides).
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    Lightbulb Command templates for heros/henchmen in guildwars 2

    This idea should be much easier to implement in GW2 when you only can have one companion. and the idea is this, Allow players to program the actions of their support character. so we could tell our monk hero, who we shall call crash test dummie #438 that we only want him to use healing breze on player when players health is<104. or we could say that when assassin crash test attacks he should use the skill shadow prison follwed by black lotus strike and then death blossum.
    And anet would not even have to make it super complex, just set it up so that when condition A is met hero reacts with action X. when condition Bis met he reactes with action Z, and so on. this would be a wonderfull addition to the hero interface because then you would no longer have to worry about your monk casting res on you when you corpse is surrounded by destroyers and because of his wasting time resing you who will die agfain in short order, all the rest of your party who needs healing dies. We could program our heros to, only cast res when, there are no enemys in earshot and all party members are above 50% health.

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    Four Seasons!
    I totally agree, GW2 should have areas to be subject to seasonal changes. Not all climatic zones do have seasons, some tropical settings or deserts do not have visible seasons, at least by middle european/american standards (so not all resources would have to be designed four times, only part). Seasons can add so much to the feeling of the world being alive, especially if they change rather slow or even in synch with Earth. Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks would be the two classical settings to be subject to seasons. The shiverpeaks does have trees, so the snow HAS to melt sometime during the year and Ascalon was formerly know as eternal Autumn, something which isn't too realistic either. Having seasons not only makes for good roleplay but it's also one of the aspects other games so far neglect. If you have seen the Ice-gameplay from Crysis, you can see how cool Summer/Winter can be used in a game for dramatic effect.

    Day and night cycles meanwhile are for beginners. They cause nothing but trouble and might feel too unrealistic if day/night is changing too fast. Daytime is also most likely a part of a quest, so having to wait for dawn to start a mission might be a bummer.

    Magical Tide
    One of the best things I liked about early D&D games was how they could seamlessly integrate the white/red/black moon aspect of D&D. It be nice to see the magical tide affecting players between -10% to +10% effectiveness (make it 5/5 if you are squeamish). The trick is that different types of magic are affected at different times, so people might feel like changing from fire to water because of the changed effectiveness. Or from domination to illusion if the tidings are well. The monsters would also be affected creating more dynamic gameplay (attacking Orr and its dragon when death magic is high, not a good idea!). PvP is in the mists anyway and therefore not subject to these tides. The tide should affect all attributes (let's just say we pour energy into each axe slash) just not all attributes at the same time in the same way. Opposing attributes are at their lowest when their opposite is highest. Smiting into the undead at the tide of the death outmatches you for 20%. Not too much to be impossible, but certainly noticeable. You want easy mode? Wait for the tiding to be in your favor.

    Effects of having a High Level
    As far as combat mathematics go I am very much in favor of keeping everything as it is. X amount of maxlife, Y amount of maxenergy, 200 attribute points and all that for not too much grind. Because GW just should not sink to the level where the player has to outgrind the opponents and then just smite them by being 5 levels higher. That's Korea grinders' business model.
    Additional levels should not increase the survivability of the character, but of the whole group. How? Give the high level player the opportunity to give something to other teammembers. At lvl 100 I may be as mighty as I can be at level 20, but the extra levels can be granted to other players or unlock special abilities. I could, for example, lend out my skills to other people. I just open their skillbar, as I would with my heroes, and then drag and drop one of my unlocked skills into their skillbar. As long as they are in my group my uber-levelness oozes into them in the form of skills. I can't double equip skills (e.g. give them my build a second time) so that does not get out of hand. That would even be helpful now, for example around the DoA where healing monks without Factions, are Ex-monks.

    The game would now have multiple types of levels:
    1-20 Personal Perfection
    21-40 perfecting the potential to help individual others
    41-60 make it what you want, further buffs to all players in your presence except yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by the bomb View Post
    you for game devs the easy content to make in guild wars 2 would the open ocean why be you don't need to make alot of grahics for the open.
    for you game devs the easy content to make in guild wars 2 would the open ocean why because you don't need to make alot of grahics for the open seas or water.

    It would be very cool if say small pet birds can be used as scouts and sending aid of npc's for help and stuff.
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    My ideas:

    NPC broker:
    I'M TIRED OF SPAMMING FOR AN HOUR! Not everyone has
    unlimited playtime (rolling my eyes to the kids in school) :)

    Crafting system:
    So we can specialize in crafting armor/weapons/potions,...
    The crafted items should be better then items we find in loot.
    Maybe with abilities/enchanments that are unique to crafted items only.

    More fun emotes

    Different musical instruments.

    Mini game(s)
    that don't revolve around button smashing.
    (what i thought polymock would be. somekind of board/cardgame)

    Build in "guild wars time".
    For lore reasons you could even add clocktowers
    in towns and outposts.

    More guild options:
    -Give members titles like: pinkweasel "the recruiter"
    -More options in decoration the guild hall. members could donate materials
    and gold to the guild vault (these items can then only be spend on guild
    hall stuff... so nobody can take it for there benifit)
    -Give us more to do in the guild hall. like maybe fun little mini games
    like the beetle race or something...
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    Quote Originally Posted by the bomb View Post
    for you game devs the easy content to make in guild wars 2 would the open ocean why because you don't need to make alot of grahics for the open seas or water.
    If you want to simulate an actual ocean (that means also different tides, storms at sea, and sea-battles) then it would probably take a lot more work then just placing a slap of water.

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    Well, I was wondering how you could possibly add RPG elements to a game like GW and whilst I was playing a FTP grind-fest of a game, I asked myself

    "Dosn't my character grow tired of fighting... surely swinging an axe non-stop would make any person grow fatigue."

    Why not introduce an "Exhaustion" system?

    Depending on your level, you would have a certain amount of stamina/tiredness/sleep/exhaustion which would have certain effects on your performance on the battlefield. I have yet to try an old-school D&D boardgame where I did not have to rest in order to continue my travels.

    At 20 % exhaustion you would have a 0.5% chance of failing with a skill/attack/spell.

    At 40% exhaustion you would attack at a slower rate and run slower, your jumping and swimming abilities would also be crippeled. You would not be able to hold your breath for aslong time and you would rather not jump too high.

    At 60% exhaustion your skills would take additional time to recharge and you would have 2% chance of failing with a skill/spell/attack.

    At 80% exhaustion you would not be able to jump or swim and have a 10% miss chance against foes with both spells and attacks.

    at 100% exhaustion you would fall to the ground. You would first fall to the ground at the moment there are not foes within spirit range... after a minute your exhaustion level would reach 80%.

    Ones character would not reach 100% within minutes of course, the higher the level of the character the better experience of combat, the harder is it to build up exhaustion.
    Every skill would have a certain amount of exhaust points it would add to the person.
    Lets say GW2 is going to have 100 levels, for each level your maximum exhaust point tolerance grows with 10, at lvl 1 you have 100 points. Each normal skill adds 0.005 points of exhaustion to your character while each elite skill adds 0.01 points. When you combat without the use of skills your character gains 0.00001 points of exhaustion per second of combat. (that means that if you stand still you will not get exhausted.) Running around would add 0.001 points of exhaustion every 1 full minute of running.

    This means you would literally have to take a rest every 3 or so hours of full combat, and this would also slow down any 24hour bots. Not stop them, but slow them down.
    This is not why I would like an exhaustion system though... I want a tavern.

    If your character is exhausted, what better way to remove that fatigue than going to a tavern and getting a few ale's and something to eat while sharing your adventures with fellow players. Taverns would quickly remove your fatigue as quickly as 10% per minute if you are active while in the tavern, that means that you have to drink some ale, chat around and have a good time. You could of course stand afk somewhere in the desert and that would also remove the fatigue but at a slower rate.

    Finally, since there would be less instances in GW, why not award joining a party with party levels? Say that you are in the jungle on your own and you see other people just as lost as you are, you could join up and share the drops, but the more you fought together the higher the party level would be. And the higher the party level, the more "party points" you would achive. These party points could be used on party skills such as "set up camp" where you could make a bonfire and sit around and remove some of the exhaustion you might have built up during your fights.
    Or you could have a party skill called "solidarity" that spread out the damage recived by party members to the entire party.

    Anyways, my 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Van Der Sloot View Post
    If you want to simulate an actual ocean (that means also different tides, storms at sea, and sea-battles) then it would probably take a lot more work then just placing a slap of water.
    couldn't they cheat a beat use 3d programs or plugins such as maya that has oceans effects to have oceans.

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    For this thread: Please sticky.

    For GW2:

    --Reconsider the value of heroes. Rather than removing them completely from the game, shift the hero system towards alternate character heroes. In PvE the number of heroes a player stables could then be limited by the amount of character slots available. Cash flow! Hint, hint. This system could also be used to bolster involvement in PvP the Mist WvW, allowing players to “station” a limited number of characters in the WvW environment, online and offline, as an alternative/supplement to NPCs in the mist. When expansion packs, new campaigns release, increase the mist hero number-limit. Allowing players to travel to/possess their alternate characters, rather than instant map travel. Players could “station” alternate characters in new, expanded outer areas of the Mist as lookouts, and a way for fast travel.

    --Put the War back into Guild Wars, place PvE content access in the Mist, accessible through travel in the Mist. Allow PvE players an alternative entrance that is much harder, time wise, to reach. Encouage and reward PvP with PvE content, etc. Don't restrict PvE only players from such content, but make it worth their while to consider PvPing for it. At least running the Mist to reach it. Make the Mist massive, make it one of the single best areas for Explorers, drop random quests givers in the Mist etc.. .

    --For all the characters a player owns, add a single name/association to the characters current name. A player has one IGN or association that modifies the current characters name similar to titles, such as Thor friend of Tor, or Banor family of Tor, or Nora child of Tor, Nippy gimp of Tor, Erotess mistress of Tor; Tor being the common identifier allowing players and Friends Lists to identify specific players, regardless of which alternate character they’re playing. There can be multiple adjectives for players to choose from for their alternate characters, this would also add more RP value to the game. Not being able to identify other players in outposts because they’re playing one of twelve alts is a social restrictor. Most other MMOs I’ve played I became familiar with other players by sight well before I became friends through quests, partying etc. This idea might be useful for GW1 as well.

    --Release client Level editor. The editor would allow Players a chance to craft, post and use these player created levels as fancy storage space -- rather than a storage chest, or bank UIs etc. All overhead would be client-side, all items in the client instance would be identical to the items you’d have in a chest or bank, they could only be altered by the player the way a chest is currently used – item in, item out.. The difference would be that all your collected items/quest achievements etc. could be dropped, hung, displayed within this custom instance much like the hall of Heroes. Unlike the hall of heroes, these instances could be massive; if a player wanted to recreate Versailles or a GW version of Blackrock Mountain then they could spend time doing so. Players could visit between these personal instances. Once a player visits another players instance (downloads instance), that instance would become available for use as player housing. There could be in-game contests, events, etc that rank and even use some of these instances for guild halls, quests, Mist fortifications, etc. These instances could also be used as a place for Traders to sell their goods, a player could visit an instance to view the wares and items for sale, if the trade is agreed upon, the trader (instance owner) just picks up the item and opens a trade window. This would be way to introduce and develop a system where players create content, and then through a vetting process such as contests, etc. some are chosen for inclusion into real game world. Such an editor could even allow guilds to create fortifications at specific locations in the mist. This gives players an alternate way of enjoying the game, one that does not include "kill everything" content.

    --Fix the camera, and interior space problem in GW. Narrow corridors, small rooms, small caverns should be a functioning part of GW2. The camera needs to be far more intelligent than it currently is, this will also help in small areas.

    --Develop a more dynamic visual effects system. This system would include spell effects, weather effects, event effects, dynamic to attributes, conditions, circumstances – world and personal. A rank 15 Fireball, just doesn’t look very impressive in GW1.

    --Do NOT add a level grind, stat grind. Robustify the title/faction system to allow players to choose from multiple paths alongside/leading up to the main story arch. Kinda like WoW, but definitely Not like WoW, as players would have horizontal access to the game world, rather than linear access, via levels, stats, grinds and spoon fed content. High ranks in faction should be gained by repeating quests, missions on a monthly timer; hunting grinds should be a secondary means of gaining faction/rep.

    --Improve the RP value between players, this is an RP game, but no one ever RPs in it -- Kinda weird. Allow players to create large emote macros, allow players to link these to skills, events, death -- player death/enemy death -- etc. Allow text in these emote macros. Give the power of uniqueness to the players, Could even add modifiers to skills: linking say, a fireball to a "Kiss my Arse" emote, allowing players to shoot fireball from their butt.

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