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    It would be nice, but bandwidth isn't free, so it's one less burden on ANET if the players manage their own voice chat services. I suspect a similar excuse is used for guild wars utilising fan-forums instead of having an official one (forums have the added cost of moderators too).

    If anyone has any better theories, let me know, but that's my view on the topic at the moment.

    I believe the prophecies collector edition came with some teamspeak stuff (the program, a code for a months worth of server?).

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    yeah the proph ce came with a month of teamspeak server and a headset.

    personally i'd be annoyed if there was in-game voice chat... not all of us are able to use it (respecting other people nearby, bandwidth, lack of mic, etc.) and I think it'd just be another level of discrimination in PUG groups.

    Might be ok for PvP where this discrimination already exists, but I see no need for it in PvE where you can use the many tools Anet has provided for communication - pings, drawing, calling...

    That being said, I've heard the occasional rumour of them looking at adding it to GW1, so I would not be at all surprised if they put it into GW2. If they do, I'll just hope their claim of being able to play fine solo is also true.

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    I have a few ideas :

    1) Allow dual wielding with 2 single hand weapons (2 swords,2 wands,2 shields,2 crossbows[?] or 2 Spears [!!] ). In contrast holding a dagger with off hand shield/focus.

    2) Add in races that appeared in GW which has interacted with human a lot :
    a. Centaurs
    b. Tengus
    c. Forgottens

    3) Generalize the skill unlocking mechanism meaning once you unlocked a skill it will be available through out the whole accounts (both PvE and PvP) and not towards individual character (PvE in general).

    4) Stadardise dye as normal items so they are available as normal items that can be purchase from merchants.

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    Idea for GW2 charcter creation

    Well just a quick idea really. What if we could custoize say whether our characters are skinny or large etc. Sort of done simialar to the customization shwon in Tiger Woods golf games although maybe not as deep.

    The reason i think this would be good is that currently apart form the height all we really have control of is our face and hair and ,lets face it, not everyone wants a male warrior with a beer belly.

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    I like the audio chat channel idear. This would be a great addition to GW2. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pointless View Post
    But a lot can happen to that gold in 100 years. And why would you want to do that, other than gain the upper hand a little unfairly? Slightly?
    Well, maybe not all the gold. We should at least get some of what we had in GW1.

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    GWOnline.Net Member De Daniel's Avatar

    In the future there will be robots... anyway ye great i think all multiplayer games after 2008 will have In Game teamspeak:)). like some shooters already have.

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    i personaly like the idea, or perhaps make something to integrate ts or vent with gw better, perhaps gw could make a deal with one or both of them to add this but it still requires ts or vent, but you dont have to minimize the game or anything, and it has the voice options like the OP was suggesting.

    if they did add this it would save a lot of time and headaches of spamming to the party the ip everytime someone joined or left, and if it was integrated perhaps you could just select an option to auto log you into the voice chat the rest of the party is in, or the party leader could put his server info in and from there the rest of the party just clicks a join button or something

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    The problem is bandwidth. GW uses, during average ply, not downloading updates, about 1 KB/s per person. Removing the rubberbanding bug would cost them about 0.02 KB/s per person. TeamSpeak uses, depending on the codec, about 4 KB/s per person speaking. So adding voicechat with a decent quality could as much as raise Anets bandwith bill by 400%. Guess there's a reason Ventrillo/TS servers cost a monthly fee.

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    humans should be the only class that has mounts :P

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