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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]

    Quote Originally Posted by DELTAg View Post
    I've been playing on LOTRO for quite a while now and I've played on instruments ALOT. I've been playing with 7 other real life friends as a "band" and it's really fun. People in-game enjoy other player's performances too and usually there's groups of people dancing and clapping around the performers. I really think Anet should look into this :O
    This would be awesome. If they do do it, I would love to have like three basic rhythms for drums, accompaniments by Viol, and melodies for a recorder/flute. Something like that (instruments can change) that players can alternate between; maybe having them all marked at slow, medium, and quick tempos. Would be fun (IMO).

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    Guild Wars 2 review

    Finally. The closed beta of Guild Wars 2 kicked off yesterday, open to a limited number of hand-selected testers. Yet a larger pool of players who have kept an eye on it since this yearís G-Star can expect to get hands on it soon: open beta for public normally follows in a close step and it is predicted to come in the coming February. Now before firsthand info by actual playing, letís warm up with a preview and prepare ourselves for its official launch.

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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii (Commander)

    They should have different colors for the names of NPCs and players. Right now both are green, making it very hard to tell them apart.

    How about: Green names for NPCs. Yellow names for players.

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    There's the yellow names for semi-targetable creatures.... blue?

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    Well Blue is party

    Orange is Guild

    We could do maybe Violet or Indigo, but both of those are pretty hard to read.

    Trying to use ROY G BIV and we pretty much used up the first 5 main colors.

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    I thought player colour green was more 'teal' than the npc green.

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    I remember back when I thought that GW2 would be a good game.

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    Half a year has passed since my last post here and GW2 went from bad to even worse. That was unexpected.
    Not that it wouldn't improve, I mean I expected that, but that it could get worse.

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