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    The All-Ritualist GATHERING!

    yep! you heard it right!

    since not everyone is on when ppl are being bugged for the all-ritu expeditions - i figured we might as well set a time and date, gather around the camp-fire, talk about my pretty armours and then do a mission or just laugh a bit!

    the event will take place at

    8 PM GMT
    (which is 10 PM Paris-time, 4 PM New York, 6 AM (on Sunday) in Sydney! - although id check the times again just if i happened to make a mistake at calculating this!) on
    (to find out when that is in your timezone - linky! - if youre not sure - youre kindly invited to ask here at what time in your time zone its happening and well try to figure it out!)
    (a tad early in case if we do a mission afterwards so that ppl wont be completely trashed at the beggining of it already!)

    in the lovely

    (a piccy of it can be see above. it offeres a ton of great photo opportunities AND its at the start so that anyone can join! (just talk to the Arena Guard-dude at Shing Jea and hell teleport you there!) if you cant join on your ritu - no worries! everyone that likes the class is welcome BUT only all-ritu parties will be formed if missions or quests will be done later!)

    there is nothing special planned - just a heads up so that the ppl that wanted to join but werent on may finally have a set time to meet all the lovely ritu players!

    you are most welcome to leave your comments on the gathering time, place and such things here BUT for this week - it will happen at the above given time/date!
    if ppl would prefer a different time/place for future gatherings (if they should happen) the subject WILL BE OPEN FOR DISCUSSION AT THE EVENT and FUTURE CHANGES WILL BE POSTED HERE (this thread or this forum - if a new thread will be created - a link to it will be in this thread also!)!

    thats basicly it!
    everyone is welcome - bring a bag of good will with you - or just an empty bag and well fill it there! ;)

    (ohh and beware if you plan on dressing nicely!!! BEWARE if you steal my spotlight!! )

    have fun - and hopefully
    See you all there!

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    GWOnline.Net Member BunnyLord's Avatar

    I'm In!

    Now I would just have to find the Pacific Time for this.

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    Awww man I'm supposed to go out with some friends that night - my only day off this week. ARrgh maybe I'll stop by and say hello

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    lol thts my b-day
    i'll be there!

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    I'll try and be there for sure :-) Weekend tend to be busy here though...

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    Oh I'll be there! The all ritualist FoW and Rotscale trips have been great fun so far, and I can only imagine what we'll get up to this time

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    I'm under the impression that this totally collides with the Mursaat Rights gathering?

    Giving it a miss :)

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    enough time for me to get another armor set. :)
    (oooh, nice armor in the picture. )
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    I will try to be their Upier -- and will try to make a film like I did at the Mesmer Gathering.

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    I^ll come ... My Lobo Saleem Deserves this after some inacticity lately

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