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    Question Anyone else think 5s casting time for Meteor Shower is a bit over the top?

    I just can't imagine standing still for long enough to cast this.

    Even in ab's, the shrine is already captured by the time you manage to get the spell off

    I think this is the single most useless spell to put in a skill bar- in retrospect, perhaps there are others, but it would be hard to beat. The only way to use it is in conjunction with an "insta-cast" glyph at the cost of either all energy or an additional 30s recharge (read 60s + 30s recharge = a minute and a half)

    Even at 3s cast time, it used to be hard to cast without being interrupted. Now it's impossible. Even against PvE mobs.

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    GWOnline.Net Member kallick's Avatar

    It's great if you get the 20% HCT effect and it zips off in 2.5 seconds.

    It's also Ok to use in echo form so 2 of them going off is good. As long as you stand back they warriors take the brunt of damage leaving you to cast away.

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    My wife seems to like using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mores Pillay
    Even at 3s cast time, it used to be hard to cast without being interrupted. Now it's impossible. Even against PvE mobs.
    I'm fairly certain it always was 5seconds... also it's a decent skill in PvE, and easily allows solo'ing AB shrines.

    Of course if you Eles don't want it please give it to Mesmers :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirai Annuvil View Post

    Of course if you Eles don't want it please give it to Mesmers :D
    This actually made me giggle and think of nasty things to say such as
    Ha, as if A-Net would give you something useful!
    I think Meteor Shower's cast time is fine, I just hate it's recharge time. There are several Glyphs and Stances that would prevent you you from being interrupted; the first one is Glyph of Concentration which protects you from being interupted/dazed. The other two that would be usefull are

    Glyph of Sacrifice- For 15 seconds, your next Spell may be cast instantly, but it takes an additional 30 seconds to recharge.
    -I wouldn't recomend this since Meteor Shower's recharge is so long. . .however since it's so long anyway another 30 seconds may not matter to you.

    Glyph of Essence- For 15 seconds, your next Spell casts instantly but causes you to lose all Energy.
    -I like this spell. While it sounds harsh, I normally use Meteor Shower when I've got low amounts of energy anyway, and if you plan by casting the Glyph at 27 energy, byt the time it's done you'll have 25, and then you'll only lose 6.33 energy. Sadly, you'll still have 0 energy afterwards . . .

    I hope this helped you to possibly think of ways around your problems .

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    GWOnline.Net Member Shuuda's Avatar

    Glyph of Sacrifice + Meteor Shower + Other spells + Assassins Promise = awosme nuker build

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    Meteor shower is usefull for only one reason, the knockdown effect. This is also the reason why it has the restrictions it does. Three easy knockdowns is quite strong and this is why the skill is so valued. The dmg it does can be easily filled from combos of other skills for AoE damage. The damage it does to a single target can be easily outdone by other classes as well. A spell that causes three knockdowns to anyone in the AoE, is not available to any other class.

    I shouldn't have to explain the value of knockdowns, especially to other eles who have no doubt echo-nuked with MS before. >)

    It (along with the majority of Ele skills) could use a slight buff, but I doubt it will happen. The current Meta-game cannot seem to handle strong Elementalist spells.

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    MS has to be used with the Glyph or it wont happen. You should not complain about casting time when you have other skills that counter it. Plus with SF or SB what can Ele's really complain about now. Besides armor!! :) (I know there are spells for that too jk)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Degas's Avatar

    The good: 3 kds, 1 every 3 seconds
    The bad: Hideous dps, hideous cast time, hideous recharge time, highest e cost, causes exhaustion, specific area damage and kd.

    It's a bad skill. It requires you to bring another skill in hand to even make it worthwhile (echo, arcane echo, glyph of concentration/energy/renewal/sacrifice) and that is still subpar to many other builds

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    It generally requires a dedicated tank to be very effective, in which case it's one of the best skills in the game. The alternative is use with Glyph of sacrifice and assassin's promise, as has been mentioned, which makes for one of the most destructive single ele builds you can run for mid game pve.

    So you (normally) need to build around the skill, that's neither uncommon nor unfair.

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