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    The fall of the Harmless warriors

    I just finished my last story of the series and I was hoping to share it with you all. They are basically match reports from the guild Mostly Harmless during the Celestial tournament but told with my own little style. Even if you do not GvG, I still hope you find them entertaining or at least a fun read. Without further ado, I present all of them:

    http://www.finishthedrill.net/phpBB2...opic.php?t=197 - the first one
    http://www.finishthedrill.net/phpBB2...opic.php?t=224 - the second
    http://www.finishthedrill.net/phpBB2...opic.php?t=295 - the third and final one.

    I hope you all enjoy them

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    All three of those are page not found for me, sorry 404

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    Fixed Links:


    Edit: Omfg too late :O

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    thank you buds for posting the fixed links!

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    Yep, thanks also from me, 'cause that was a good read.

    Nice one

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