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    Tav's Not-Quite-300: A Possibility

    She sat, perched atop one of the many large boulders that graced the shores of Kinya Province. Her slender figure and flowing indigo robes were especially ethereal beneath the star strewn sky, and the serene breeze teased her blue-grey hair into swaying along with the moonlit sea.

    She gazed fondly upon the tranquil orb that patrolled the night, her fair skin almost glowing under the peaceful glimmer. The thirtieth moon… she smiled softly. Yet you still did not come back for even a farewell. She shut her eyes and hugged her knees a little tighter, anticipating the cough that has plagued her for the last two years and a half; however, it did not come. Tonight, it will not trouble her, nor consume her. Tonight was hers, free at last. Tonight, only.

    Her gaze still followed the moon, which wavered when mist arose in her eyes as past memories surfaced and appeared before her. Tonight, she will allow herself to delve into her recollections, spoiling herself one last time.

    The surrounding ocean still lapped rhythmically onto the rocky shores, occasionally frolicking around her boots, but she neither heard nor felt it anymore. Instead, she was on a snowy plain, observing a calm, dignified lady with auburn tresses and a fuchsia gown who turned to her with a modest smile. Her heart ached at the sight of her friend, flawlessly elegant and forever the eye of the storm. Next to her flounced an ebullient young woman in an azure outfit who seemed barely an adult, but brought cheerfulness through her infectious laughter. They stood together and waved warmly at her while timeless snowflakes fluttered about. The Evensong sisters, she smiled sadly. Thank you for caring for me. I love you both. The scene shifted. The older sister now looked at her with wise eyes brimmed with sorrow, silently beckoning to her from across an endless chasm; the younger screamed at her, desperately and soundlessly through overflowed tears. She winced as the picture, frozen in time, faded away. Lindelle will understand, but Losse will never forgive me…

    Slowly, the complex, luxurious architecture of a palace floated through the gaping chasm and settled before her. Amidst the red and gold pillars stood a white-haired woman, her queenly figure robed in a low-cut body suit. Her beautiful, distant visage reflected the look on Lindelle’s face. Are you worrying for me, too, Venita? Don’t worry, you know Grenth will take care of me, whether I chose him or not. Behind her, a small silhouette clad in black was partially veiled by the shadows, her brown eyes intense with a surge of mixed emotions, most notably regret. Vypra… it wasn’t your fault. Who would have known? I don’t blame you in the least, and he won’t either. You must forgive yourself. Yet another materialized, a halcyon figure bowing her head in adieu, her purple dress rippling slightly from the whispers of her summoned spirits. Oh Kea, you make it so much easier. My eternal gratitude for everything… The trio slowly vanished, but their expressions remained branded in her heart. Tears welled up in her eyes, glistening in the moonlight. How I will miss you all. Please find happiness… live on with my share.

    A small smile tugged at her lips when the ornate pillars branched out and transformed into large, sturdy trunks, and the ceiling with intricate dragon carvings melded into leafy canopies. She was now at the edge of a forest, where mountains met. She formed a small tent with a hand on her forehead, symbolically shielding her eyes from the playful rays of sunshine passing through the layered mists. She stood there for a while, welcoming how the sun and mist alternated unpredictably through the overhang, tickling a smile onto her face.

    Melandru’s realm, she thought wistfully. How I wish the Goddess accepted me. Two graceful forms, a man and a woman, walked out of the forest, their footfalls soft against the damp earth, never disturbing a dewdrop. The man’s expression was inscrutable, his movements controlled and refined. He knelt on one knee and bowed his head, not bothering to brush back the loosely tied blonde hair that fell forward. Always the gentlemen, Finn. I’m glad you found us that night. The woman bowed and waved, her rouge mane oddly in harmony with the forest, the glint of compassion in her eyes never wavering. Oh Tavari… Thank you for bringing hope back into my life during my darkest hour – you were the shining beacon that always guided me, even when you weren’t around. Goodbye, my friends of Nature, goodbye.

    She lowered her face and peered over her knees into the sparkling ocean. The one that she wanted to remember the most…

    No, she shouldn’t.

    A little voice within her heart told her not to think of him, but… did it matter anymore? The curse had reached the end of its line and would not bother her anymore after tonight. She could… allow herself to indulge in a little more.

    Just a little. She could.

    She ensconced herself into the darkness. A shadowy figure gradually came into view, taking almost an eternity to walk to her. She gazed longingly at him, taking in his slightest movements – each and every one of his steps – and burned them, once again, into her memory. She could almost see his face – the light skin that did not often meet the sun, the straight, porcelain nose… and the eyes, dark as the moment before the sun rises. She recalled the thin, determined lips and the delicately pointed chin. He was closer now. Her heart wrenched at the pained smile behind the mask and the suffering in his depthless eyes. Without seeing her own reflection, she knew her expression mirrored his.

    He stopped in front of her, seemingly unsure of his purpose. They both reached out with trembling fingers, yearning for contact, yet… afraid. Of what? She did not know, nor cared anymore. She extended her arm further, wishing to brush away the strand of stray hair that fell on his forehead so she could see him better. His appeared to have the same goal, but deviated from its original path and wandered hesitantly towards her outstretched hand.

    His long, slender fingers were nearly wrapped around her small hand – she could almost feel the comforting warmth, the familiar touch, and even his faint, soothing aura. Just like how you used to protect me…

    She barely felt a tap on the back of her hand when the vision began to dissipate.

    “No!” she whispered, fruitlessly grasping at the distorted image. Too late. It was gone. He was gone.

    The emptiness crashed down around her, and she was back, sitting on the rocky shores where the moon has passed its zenith. She slowly lowered her arm.

    She noticed the nudge that finally brought her mind back to her body and saw the little turtle sprite that had been attempting to get her attention. She picked him up and held him close to her heart.

    Oh Rei, you are not bound to me anymore. Thank you for keeping me company for the last couple of years. Please return to the Halcyon. They must miss you.

    The sprite bowed his head as if praying after she set him down. It waddled over and nuzzled her hand. In her mind, she heard his grandfatherly voice. Farewell, child. The spirits of the Jade Sea smile upon you. My last gift… He breathed on her hand, bowed his head once more, and disappeared.

    Tears streamed down her face at the sight of a branch of nong berries in her hand. Thank you, Rei. She was truly alone now.

    Not much time left, she gazed at the moon as it steadily progressed towards the horizon. She stood and unsheathed a pair of perfectly balanced daggers. Smiling, she caressed the simple sai, for they were a dear gift, and his weapons of choice.

    One last thing… She bowed towards the east, facing the ocean, and closed her eyes. She was back in Sunqua Vale on a grassy field, where a feathery gust of wind carried the fragrance of cherry blossoms towards her. I’m home. Suffusing herself in the sweet breeze, she flowed into a set of circular movements. Each step was steady and deliberate, and every motion polished and graceful. She imagined him next to her, going through the same adapted sword dance that he had taught her years before. Soft pink petals swirled as the two of them leapt and whirled as a single entity, their daggers flashing in perfect unison.

    The moon set.

    The rolling ocean waves became a reality once again.

    It is time.

    An unearthly, turquoise light spread before her.

    “Akane,” she bowed respectfully to the spiritual figure that took shape within the cool glow. The woman smiled back at her and nodded, the streams of beads on her headdress rustling a soothing melody, brushing against her tattooed shoulders as she did so. “You were given permission to come escort me?”

    “It is not my wish to see you so soon, but there were no other options. Our God was merciful in letting me come here to guide you,” Akane said, her voice demure and distant.

    She smiled tiredly. “Your God,” she corrected. “How long did it take you to persuade your God?”

    “Not too long this time.” Akane’s ghostly lips pulled into a wan smile.

    “He…” she murmured, “he… he won’t come?” She knew the answer already, but wanted to hear it directly. If anyone, Akane would know.

    Her hopes imploded when the translucent woman slowly shook her head, the tinkering beads echoing the sound of her heart shattering into tiny pieces. “I am sorry,” Akane sighed.

    She hung her head. “Let us go, then.”

    Akane held out a luminous hand and she gently grasped it, letting Akane guide her into the shimmering portal.

    Farewell, all.

    A pair of sai and a branch of berries was all that were left on the rocks.

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    What happened to Lost? T~T - I hope there is more to come

    Wonderfully written again. Great emotions....

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    Banes Son
    Wow, very strong and very beautiful! TY TT!

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    Hell's Precipice (Another entry, didn't feel like making a new thread)

    This is more for fun... I hope you guys like ^^;;


    “Take that!” The pig-tailed Elementalist yelled as a sizzling ball of lightning crashed into the last Wraith, causing the portal to what looks like a castle in Lord of the Rings implode and shrink to oblivion. “Whee! Did you see that? I nuked him to death!” She exclaimed bubbly.

    The person she addressed sighed. “Yes, I saw, dear Miss Evensong,” he said in a bored voice while running his fingers through his elegant hair. “However… was that supposed to be impressive? I bet even Keiyo could finish the job quicker than that…” His lips curled derisively.

    The Elementalist giggled. “Chill, Enishi. No need to end your line in a sneer here, that’s the other story!”

    “Aiya… I’m practicing how to be sleek and suave so next time I show up, I’ll be ready and sexy.” The Mesmer flipped his hair. “Then again, why am I here anyways? I didn’t even do the Great Northern Wall mission yet. You dragged me up this morning to skip to the end of the game?”

    “I didn’t want to do this mission by myself~”

    “… Losse, I just turned level eight and I have armor from Ascalon.”

    “Well… You haven’t died yet, right? Don’t worry; your survivor track is quite intact.”

    “Lawl… fine fine. Agh! You’re making me go out-of-character here… hold on…” He massaged his face and kneaded it into a condescending smirk and raised his chin slightly to look downwards at Losse. “I suppose I could always help out a damsel in distress, isn’t that right, Miss Evensong?” Enishi drawled.

    Losse rolled her eyes. “Yes, Mr. Vow, that’s right. Damsel-in-distress this!” She smacked him upside the head.

    “Ow! Watch the hair!”

    Dunham, who has been silent the whole time like the rest of the henchies, spoke up. “Can we hurry? The silk in my garments is sticking to my skin.”

    “Silly Mesmers and their hair and clothes…” Losse groaned.

    “I’m sweatin’ like a pig, I am!” Little Thom declared to the whole world.

    “… Erm, we really didn’t need to know that…” A large anime-style sweat drop appeared in the air besides Enishi’s head.

    “Yeah…” Losse concurred, pulling her Water Magic headpiece out of her belt pouch to pose as a sweat drop.

    Eve seemed to not have noticed their discomfort, for she had a hungry look in her eyes as her creepy fingers reached out towards Little Thom. “Come, let me touch you,” she crooned.



    “I think your sweat drop just multiplied into three, Enishi.”

    “Yeah, no kidding… Anyways,” (he decided that the smart move was to ignore the henchmen,) “Aren’t we supposed to be taken through a cinematic now?”

    “Hmm… yeah, the directors are being lazy. Oi! You guys up there! Pay attention!” Losse shook a fist at the invisible people behind the backdrop. A lot of clattering was heard offstage, as if someone knocked over some expensive equipment.

    “Eesh, I hope they didn’t mess up anything on my dressing table,” Enishi’s handsome brow furrowed. “That jar of hair wax was imported from Elona. Quite pricey.”

    “Oh whatever…” Losse rolled her eyes yet again. “Hey, the lights are dimming down, that’s our cue to act through the cutscene!”

    “Bah, you’re the leader and get to do all the talking for us anyways,” pouted a sulking Enishi.

    “Just stand there and look pretty,” Losse grinned. “It’s about to start.” Enishi grumbled something inaudible as he shuffled to the rank of henchmen.

    “Hahaha…” A deep, rumbling laugh filled the scene as the spotlight shone on the Lich.

    <Fast-forward through soporific speech and watch Lich gesture as if dancing wildly in a strobe light. Losse and Enishi yawn while henchmen stare expressionlessly.>

    “‘…But before I go, I have someone here you might like to talk to. Perhaps this will slow you down long enough to let me finish my work,’” the Lich droned, likely bored due to having to repeat the same speech for every adventuring group that reached him. He unfurled one of his wings and revealed the figure behind him.

    Cynn frowned pensively at the glowing yellow form. “You remind me of somewhat I hate… oh wait, it IS you!”

    “Rurik!” Losse gasped, feigning shock. “I certainly didn’t expect to see you here. Wow, you’re caked with make-up.”

    Rurik looked slightly annoyed as all dignity of his last appearance crumbled. Out of the corner of his mouth, Enishi muttered, “Follow the script.”

    As if he was not interrupted, the Lich continued flatly. “‘I'll leave you to get reacquainted. I'm sure you have much to talk about. I am the Flameseeker. All of Tyria shall bow to me or be destroyed – or be destroyed – or be destroyed – destroyed – ‘stroyed, ‘stroyed, ‘stroyed… ’” He continued like a broken record even as he walked off the stage.

    Enishi shook his head. “We really need to find a better actor for that character.”

    “He’s the only one willing,” Losse shrugged. “Who in their right minds would want to wear a hideous mask with horns and robes with flimsy wings anyway?”

    “Made out of duct tape, no less,” Enishi sighed. “I see your point.”

    “Did you see his nails? Yuck!”

    “Ahem!” Rurik cleared his throat and waved his fiery dragon sword as an attempt to regain attention. “Now… what’s next? Oh yes… ‘Forgive me. It is not my will to fight you. But I have little choice in the matter.’”

    “Mm-hmm,” Losse said as she calmly strode forward and unplugged a cord from Rurik’s armor. The glow went out.

    “Hey!” Rurik’s eye sockets widened, causing some of the heavy make-up to flake off. “To me! To me! Your prince is in danger!”

    “Wrong line, buddy. You’re supposed to use that when you were still alive, before, you know, ol’ Daggie smashed your head in half.”


    “Just lie down and do what you’re supposed to do next,” Losse said in a falsely sweet voice, her eyes narrowing menacingly. Rurik shuddered and quickly fell to the ground, remembering at the last second to put on a dramatic flair.

    “Oh woe is me~ I can see Ascalon now, and beautiful Althea. She is waiting for me in the Mists! Here I come, my sweet –”

    “Shut it you big oaf. Althea’s with Shiro now,” Losse said nonchalantly. “Didn’t you hear in the latest tabloids?”

    “WHAT??!” Rurik roared and jumped up at once. “That scar-faced, oily-haired guy who acts with emotes? What does she see in him?!”

    “I hate to break it to you, my good and excellent friend,” Enishi offered in a light, soothing tone, “but he’s three levels higher than you are.”

    “Oh noes! Dear Althea! How could – Wait, how dare you steal my phrase?” Rurik glared at Enishi.

    Losse threw her arms up in exasperation. “You know what,” she exclaimed as she pushed Rurik back to the ground. “Just get to the part where you say ‘End my misery,’ all right?”

    Rurik sighed, defeated. He obediently flopped down on the floor and gazed upwards with his supposedly unseeing eyes, trying once more to plead for sympathy from his audience.

    “As a boy, I spent much time – Ahh okay okay!” He cowered at the sight of both Losse and Enishi staring daggers at him. “‘Listen to me,’” he coughed. “‘The Door of Komalie must be closed…’”

    Losse held up a hand. “You know, if I roll my eyes one more time, I swear they’re going to fall out. Your spiel worked on Tavari and made Eneri sniffle and heck, I bet Lost would still bow her head for you; but I’ve heard all about this and I’m not sure if I want to hear the entire speech again. So…” She jabbed the reanimated Prince Rurik in the middle of the forehead with her index finger. “See you after we port back to Drok’s, Rurik!” She said cheerfully.

    “Why you little…” Rurik croaked before his eyes rolled to the back of his head. The poke really had knocked him out cold. Losse giggled.

    Seeing that Losse was not about to finish the scene, Enishi stepped forward. “‘Travel well, Prince Rurik. Until we meet you again in the Hall of Heroes,’” he recited wearily.

    “Good, now let’s go do Great Northern Wall and fry little Charrs!”

    “… We still have to kill the Lich, Losse.”

    “Oh right…”

    Enishi covered his face and cursed the day he met Losse.
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    sometimes, these actors can be such a pain!

    i already told you in MSN. i liked it muchly! hoping for a sequel!

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    That was very funny, especially the bit with Rurik. When I read this I found myself reading the Lich and Rurik's parts in the same voices from the cutscenes ><"

    I wonder if those voice actors ever found more work after doing those voiceovers.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnFerral View Post

    That was very funny, especially the bit with Rurik. When I read this I found myself reading the Lich and Rurik's parts in the same voices from the cutscenes ><"

    I wonder if those voice actors ever found more work after doing those voiceovers.....
    goodness, i hope the voiceactor of Danika learned her lesson not to do that voice again!

    GW musical ala phantom of the opera, please! or even something kid-friendly, like aladdin style! with a dance off!
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    I've read this a couple of times, I'm still not sure on the "possibility" part of the title. I like it as it is. Two entries that are a juxtapose of each other, a great show of your talents range.

    I am partial to the first part, great display of emotion.

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    Banes Son
    T_T! Awesome!!!

    Rurik love FTW!!!!!

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    Thank you for your comments, all - I'm glad the "Hell's Precipice" piece made you guys laugh... that was the whole point :D. I was going to name it "Death of Rurik" but I feared that was too much of a giveaway, even though we knew it was going to happen somehow.

    Maina - "A Possibility" is a pretty vague title - it refers to what could have happened if Lost's curse ran its course and nothing was done to stop it. I don't think this is what is going to happen in my story though... or at least I hope it isn't ><"

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