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    New GW:EN interview at Gamespot

    GW:EN interview with Ben Miller

    Thought you guys might be interested. Enjoy!


    There seems to be a new screen involved with this article. Its the black and gold looking monstrosity with a Chaos Axe. Wonder what kinda baddie we have here?

    Oh and the other interesting thing is the lack of info on the Sylvari. Perhaps too many assumptions regarding them to be entirely elf-like. And how can anything be elf-like without having elf ears?
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    Hey thanks alot!

    *starts reading*


    Ok now that I have read it I like that new PvE skill, sounds intresting.
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    I only read the first sentence so far, but I thought the "world" was generally referred to as Tyria, not Ascalon.

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    Light of Deldrimor sounds cool. :)

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    In Nightfall, the Sunspear and Lightbringer titles were well received. We are going to be expanding that mechanic to include new groups that players can form allegiances with.
    oh god, more lightbringer/sunspear "must be ticked to have effect" title grind? I hope they do whatever when not ticked.

    They will not only be superpowerful during combat, but also augment what players are doing outside of combat.
    eh, oh well, "must equip" skills.

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    ^ Nice, I love it when everyone in the game is running the same build

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    Considering that it looks like the PvE skills will be required anyways (the only way to reveal something hidden in the instance), you may as well be grateful that it does damage at all and stop trying to ***** about every single word that's uttered from a developer's mouth.

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    But he's right.

    If there are going to be lots of these overpowered skills its really going to make it hard for PvE folk to run actual...PvE builds. Why would you? You have this SUPERAWESOME skill.

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    Superpowered makes it sound like eveyone's going to obsess about it and then it'll be clubbed to death by the ban-stick. All I'm saying. BUt yeah, people will tend to nitpick everything the devs say when info is so new and so little.

    Still cannot wait for the new areas, "...by far the most gorgeous thing we have done to date."

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    Some good news

    Quote Originally Posted by kungfukid View Post
    Nice, I love it when everyone in the game is running the same build
    Yep, that may be a problem.

    Some players think that overpowered skills are good in PvE. I don't agree, as those would either make the game too easy for those who have them (and so goodbye challenge, especially if you plan to play in a PUG), or too hard for those who do not have them (making people "grind" in order to power them up).

    I think it's interesting to see that the LB and Sunspear points system will be back, and I believe that we will get new skills depending on our points with the Asura, the Norn, the Charr, etc. That's a very good idea, definitely far better than the "PvE skills divided by professions" some players have suggested, but it still has potential for problems: in NF, the Sunspear points are fine (you can get those just by playing the game normally - in fact, unless you decide to ignore them, it's hard to reach the end of the game without the current maximum Sunspear rank - and that's as it should be, IMO). The LB points, in other hand, are not fine - we have to grind (repeteadly killing those enemies over and over again) in order to progress through the Lightbringer ranks, and that's not exactly pleasant. I really hope the new point systems in GW:EN will be more like our current Sunspear points than like our current LB points.

    (I have a feeling Arena Net is going to fix the LB thing on Hard Mode anyway, but...)

    I'm happy to see that the dungeons will actually have puzzles, and that the PvE only skills will have effects outside of combat. Those are very good changes - they would add more to the game than pure hack and slash, by adding a new layer of puzzles that is very welcomed I hope that we don't need one specific skill for solving a puzzle, but rather one among many. For example, using the Light of Deldrimor skill - I hope we may either find those secret areas without the skill (but it would be a lot harder), or that we have a few skills able to find secret areas, so we would have a choice of which one to take. But that idea - having our skills to interact with the world outside of combat - is amazing, and I'm very happy that Arena Net has decided to use it.


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