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    Question A little Linux help

    Ok guys, I am going to be doing an XP and Linux dual boot in a few days, and I am still debating which Linux distribution to get. I plan on to be doing chiefly computer programming with Linux, but also a few other things. My friend who uses linux said that Fedora Core 6 would be best for my needs (but he is a Fedora advocate per say) but I was also considering Ubuntu. What do you guys think would be best for me?


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    I know I can't suggest an distro, since my experience with Linux is kinda limited to live ones (the ones which can run from an optical disc, USB key or other external media), but if you're looking for something different, then I'd suggest looking for something with the Gnome desktop.

    In my opinion, KDE feels a bit like Windows mixed with RISC OS.

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    Hrm. Well I personally recommend Ubuntu, mostly for its ease of use. It recognizes pretty much everything right away by default. If you don't have much linux experience it is a great way to learn.

    The only things wrong with it is that it may come with quite a bit you don't need and some really deep fine tuning might be harder then in other distributions - but that is the kind of fine tuning you shouldn't be doing if you're new to Linux. It also has lots of documentation on common issues spread across the internet.... I had great luck google-ing every single issue I had, with someone saying exactly what to do within the first few results.

    The newest stable release of Ubuntu also ships with a java programing environment IIRC... though if you're a professional programmer I assume you'll be able to get your favorite up and running without too many issues. Honestly three days after the release of the latest version the only reason I still run windows at all is that GW doesn't have a visible mouse when run in WINE. And actually I think there are patches available to fix that.

    Oh, and google Beryl shortly after you install it. Well, if you want awesome eye candy anyway.

    For real power users of Linux, Ubuntu isn't the way to go: but since you probably haven't ever used it before on your home computer I'd totally recommend it. It is a great place to start and you can learn enough on it to make an informed decision about which "power" distribution you want if you ever feel Ubuntu is too restrictive.
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    Personally, I'm a Fedora fan. Haven't tried Ubuntu yet but I have the DVDs.
    As said earlier, it depends upon your level of expertise and what you're looking for.
    Since you said programming that could apply to any distro actually.
    Thankfully you asked here and not anywhere else. Asking Linux fans which one is best can cause a minor world war.
    Distro also depends upon what you need:
    Do you want a light compact piece? Something you could put in a palm?
    Did you want a large distro? Something that can run everything, has every driver, font, library in the world?
    Did you want something ready out of the box?
    Did you want to start from scratch completely and build everything yourself?
    Did you want a GUI? If so, what type? Or would you be happy with a UNIX Command Line setup?

    Personally, I like Fedora with a command line setup and small 640x480 video display in the upper corner. I'm ok with either KDE or GNOME. And mostly it's used for security and monitoring.

    The coolest thing about Linux is the community. Even if you do start a small war, the community is incredibly supportive. And everything's free.
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    I wanted to try Linux a few times ago and since I was a total newbie, still am, I tried Mandriva. It's a bit heavy but it's ready to work once installed, newbie friendly. It comes with many applications as well, there should be no need to download some more. I needed my hard disk finally so I had to uninstall Mandriva, I wanted to learn more about Linux though it.

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    I use Zenwalk exclusively. I also play GuildWars from Zen, through Transgaming Cedega. It's fast and lightweight, but thanks to netpkg, it's also really easy to maintain. It has been prolly 8 months since I last booted my desktop into Windows.

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    For a newbie, Ubuntu is the easiest to get set up purely based on the massive user base and one-search answers to problems through their forums. However, if loads of things break or don't work in Ubuntu, I recommend trying a different distro so see if things are any better.

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