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    Can you use skills you acquired with a preview key??

    Lets say I want to get some faction skills

    and I get a preview key for factions.....can I use those skills I acquried in Cations during the preveiw /trial period??

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    Any skills you unlock at any time stay unlocked...

    If you run around with a trial key and unlock some skills, then your trial key expires, then you buy the game, you'll be able to use the skills you unlocked...

    As far as multiple keys, that hasn't worked for anyone I know; it said "Your account already has access to that material" when they tried to add another trial key.

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    What happen if i added skill for heroes(trial key)
    key expired, will the skill still usable for heroes?

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    Skill unlocks are skill unlocks, whether you get them from a hero skill trainer, a regular skill trainer, or the priest of balthazar.

    So yes.

    Also, what is this doing in the warrior forum?

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