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    The diamond/pearl review!

    i heard people talking about diamond/pearl pokemon around, so i decided to write a review for the people who dont own it. the different sections:
    STARTER POKEMON: they're all perfect. Where they failed with grass pokemon in the past (i.e. treeko) they made up for with TORTERRA! the awsome turtle grass pokemon. they made the fire pokemon awesome as ever (U REWL INFERNAPE!!!) but i dont like how they did the fire/fighting again.
    The water i personally think was the best (EMPOLEON IS AWSOME!!!) because it's a little penguin who eventually becomes a steel type and gives me fond memories of spheal, the greatest pokemon of all from ruby/sapphire.
    LANDSCAPE:cooler than ever-the great 1/2 3-D feel is so cool, how it gets down at an angle so its not the original bird's eye view. the routes and caves and etc. are also cool, and i really like this aspect.
    POKEMON: alot of them are really cool. Starly (the little bird at the beggining of the game) they made awesome, with a staraptor evolution. Drapion and Toxicroak, two poison pokemon, are especially cool (drapion is a scorpion and toxicroak is a toad). they also brought back some pokemon from gold and silver, as in hoothoot and octillery. some pokemon were brought back with evolutions or pre evolutions. Sudowoodo has bonsly as his pre evolution, Mantine has Mantyke as his pre evolution, and Murkrow has honchkrow as its evolution.
    LEGENDARY POKEMON: they made these escpecially cool (as everything else).
    Palkia, the pearl pokemon, and Dialga, the diamond pokemon, can be debated which one is cooler. The three side legendary pokemon are slightly disappointing in my viewpoint, as Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf aren't much better than the last ones. another legendary has been brought back, which seems to be a cop-off of celebi or mew. its name is Manaphy, and it isn't very eye-popping either.
    OVERALL: very good. i reccomend getting it i you have a DS. if not, get one!
    if you want anything else reviewed, please ask.

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    Glad you enjoy it...
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    I'm going to wake up and this will all have been a nightmare...

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    Gotta buy them all.

    I'm already heading out the door.

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    UHH u 4 g0t the one legendary u get if u shark its in this cave thing then u go on top of the cliff and walk up these really long steep stars to the top and this thing thats like a dog sorta thing with a gold ring around him appears and hes spost to be like the creator of pkmn

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