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    Azure's Spell of the Day Special: Hard Res Part 2

    Rules and Disclaimers
    Spell of the Day threads were created to give a place of discussion for the featured skill for the day. In this threads people may discuss a skill's potential and if applicable, why it needs change. To avoid thread derailment please comply with the forum rules as well as the following: People may not reply to the thread to discuss a person (only the person's opinion). People should not act almighty by stating that their opinion is fact; opinion is opinion debate about it. And finally the thread starter (me in this case) is not any different from the repliers, my assessments are opinions and are not supposed to be 'perfectly correct' (its an opinion, if you find it wrong then prove it wrong but dont get on my nerves for being wrong because while I am not easy to convince, it is possible). I will also ask everyone else to ignore anyone who do not abide by these thread rules and simply reply showing a quotation of which thread rule was broken.
    -I claim these opinions as mine and claim that they are made with good reasons. I play every mode in this game and assess a skill through what I know from experience. I cannot disclose what guild I play for to play organized PVP because I do not have their permissions.

    I split these because it gets crowded in a thread with all of them in one. So here is part 2 of the Hard Res Special.

    Unyielding Aura 5e 3c 15r 1<

    Elite Enchantment Spell. Bring target dead party member back to life at full Health and full Energy. If you stop maintaining this enchantment, or if this enchantment is removed, that party member dies and leaves an exploited corpse. Deaths while enchanted with Unyielding Aura do not incur a death penalty. (50% failure chance with Divine Favor 4 or less)

    -I dont see this ever becoming a good enough res for a Me/Mo because of its divine favor requirement added to the fact that this skill is elite and rules out Signet of Illusions. Even then if you can SoI this....why?

    Light of Dwayna 25e 4c 20r

    Spell. Resurrect all dead party members in the area. They are returned to life with 25% Health and zero Energy.

    -It helps that it is in the no attribute line but your party dying in the same spot is something that is conditional. This spell has too many downsides to be able to be even close to be in par with the other res spells. Low HP return, high cost, and long recharge outweigh the good things about this spell.

    Restoration 10e 5c 45r

    Binding Ritual. Create a level 1...8 Spirit. When this Spirit dies, all Party members in the area are resurrected with 5...41% Health and zero Energy. This Spirit dies after 30 seconds.

    -Completely unaffected by Fast Casting simply means its not really compatible with mesmer primaries. This spell is pretty lackluster as well. The HP return it gives is meiocre at best and it doesnt even have an EN return. This requires you to pre-cast it before someone dies for it to be useful. Even if you are a ritualist you have better options. Avoid this.

    Flesh of my Flesh 5e 4c 0r

    Spell. Lose half your Health. Resurrect target ally with your current Health and 5...17% energy.

    -While this spell has a mediocre Health gain at best, at least it gives back energy. It also endangers yourself by taking HP from you, even so this is one of the best options mesmer's can get. Why? Well, 0 recharge makes it a very reusable ressurection spell provided a healer is alive to keep up with you, 4 second recharge with high FC beats out even res signet, and most important of all; it only costs 5e...very compatible with a mesmer with the current energy drought.

    Lively Was Naomei 15e 6c 20r

    Item Spell. Hold Naomei's ashes for up to 45 seconds. When you drop her ashes, all party members in the area are resurrected with 15...63% Health and zero energy.

    -Here is why I hate Light of Dwayna. Here you have an area spell that is more mobile (which means adaptable to circumstance), cheaper energy-wise, and returns more HP. Maybe its better if Light of Dwayna is linked to an attribute after all. This spell becomes exceptionally nice for mesmers who use MoR as it makes it a little bit more reusable at a lower recharge, though unless your party drops one by one irregularly or in irregular spots in the battle area, you really dont need to recast this often. "Area" is a pretty big AOE.


    Signet of Return 0e 5c 20r

    Signet. Resurrect target party member with 5...13% Health and 1...3% Energy for each party member within earshot.

    -As a mesmer FC wont affect this (but Symbolic Celerity does I suppose). Even then its still a pretty bad res choice for a primary mes since it is linked to Leadership. at best if you arent using SoI you will be able to bring back a person with 30% HP and 6% energy (except for example, urgoz or deep where there are more party members). It also has a 20 second recharge making it pretty bad on reusability....unless you are packing those silly signet recharge dilly dallys.

    That concludes the res SotD. If I missed somethin let me know. Next time were goin back to mesmer skills so until then!

    IGN: Nobleman Azure Me/X [Retired]

    Saying PVE is a no brains mode of gameplay doesn't hold water. There are parts here and there where you have to be tactically alert.
    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    flesh of my flesh ftw. as far as the spells listed here, its the only one i would consider since 15e for a rez is too much for a mesmer. too bad i dont have factions since the two rezes of choice are there.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Crazy Moo's Avatar

    What about death pact signet?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Dammerung's Avatar

    I don't think SoI can even help Signet of Return since Signet of Return is a signet, not a spell.

    I am going to say Flesh of my flesh is probably the only one worth getting unless you have high Restoration for Lively was Naomei.
    While Flesh of my flesh cuts your health its recharge and cast time is unparallel, and only cost 5 more energy than a signet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Moo View Post
    What about death pact signet?
    Ah of course! I knew i would miss something somewhere

    Death Pact Signet 0e 2c 8r

    Signet. Resurrect target party member with your current Health and Energy. If that party member dies within 120 seconds, so do you.

    -The fastest among all ressurection methods. However its very contradicting that it would only be useful in rare situations. When a party member dies in PVE its usually caused by over pressure...in-battle ressing is used in this situation. Now in an over pressure situation its most likely people will die again a couple more times which is why recharge factors in and reusability becomes important. This res while quick and has good HP and EN return is very dangerous to use, most of the times it will just backfire on you and the ressurected person dies again because keep in mind he accumulated DP.

    IGN: Nobleman Azure Me/X [Retired]

    Saying PVE is a no brains mode of gameplay doesn't hold water. There are parts here and there where you have to be tactically alert.
    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dammerung View Post
    I don't think SoI can even help Signet of Return since Signet of Return is a signet, not a spell.
    I meant MoI. Sorry. Mantra of Inscriptions

    ah crap....double post. Im having Mind Hiccups today...hrmm

    Mind Hiccups 10e 2c 25r

    For 10 seconds target hexed foe has 10...40..48% chance of failing to cast his spells.
    Last edited by Nobleman Azure; 27-04-2007 at 02:04.

    IGN: Nobleman Azure Me/X [Retired]

    Saying PVE is a no brains mode of gameplay doesn't hold water. There are parts here and there where you have to be tactically alert.
    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    mind hiccups needs a buff, make it 15 second duration and dont forget that its (Domination Magic) or devs might think you mean (Curses)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiDima View Post
    mind hiccups needs a buff, make it 15 second duration
    sure, once MoR gets nerfed =D

    IGN: Nobleman Azure Me/X [Retired]

    Saying PVE is a no brains mode of gameplay doesn't hold water. There are parts here and there where you have to be tactically alert.
    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    Manwithtwohands's Avatar

    Death Pact Signet is good for minion factory group builds.
    Everyone carriers death pact and 1 person carriers lively was naomei.
    Minions are made pretty quick without having to put points in FC to become a resmer.

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    my favorite rezzes!

    the ONE!
    Flesh Of My Flesh!
    one of my all time favorite skills. i started using it during the preview weekend and simply fell in love with it. even back then my guildies were like - "khmm, why NO rebirth?!?!?" and i was like "take it or leave it foo!" (added some parts to that last statement to make it more appealing story-wise ). it is the rez that i run when i need to run a rez - even on my survivor wanna-be's. well it actually works best on them and it works insanely better because of the experience i gained playing a survivor (ive mostly dropped sup runes on ALL my chars now (excluding my necro) - so i have some 550-600ish hp these days - and that turns FomF into one potent rez since it gives a superb heal of some 300 hp!).
    it also gives one the ability to check how much HP the rezzed team-mate has since one gains exactly half your hp andf you can see how far that fills up the rezzed dudes hp-bar (usefull for those pug fow trips - when some ppl wonder WHY THEM!??! WHY MUST THEY ALWAYS DIE!!)
    also - a superb bonus - it rezzes the un-ressable ppl! if doing a uw run with a 55 one needs to carry vengance and rebirth to be able to rez the poor soul who has too much negative hp from the runes. one uses FomF and the rezzed dude gaines a numerical number of hp rather then a percentual which makes him die since 25% of 1 hp is 0 (I THINK that thats why the dude dies - if its not - ill gladly take a different explanation!). so its on par with rez siggy!
    and last of all - it just looks insanely superb! its named god-like and the person that came up with the description (give YOUR hp to heal the dude you rez - must have seen my LOVE for my life-saccing necro! (my cursing life saccing necro almost 2 years ago in pve when NO-ONE played curses (as i was told by MANY pugs that i entered and then went - OMG!!! the foes are broke!! they are attacking at half speed! and they do less damage! OMG!! LLOLOOLOLlOO!! and i was like "thats me! thanks for noticing" (thats where my insane love for non-damaging skills came from btw and the reason why i am so pissed that the insanely powerfull mesmer skill pretty much suck in pve while the necro ones work!)) since they were considered icky sticky poo compared to other lines! pffft!) (yep - i am SOOOOO not gonna count if i included the right ammount of brackets in this monster of a sentence! ;))
    like i said - one of my favorite skills in the game!
    (and it just looks soo much nicer if ones goes x/Rt instead of x/Mo for a reusable rez! /Mo is sooooooooooo yesterday! well two days ago - since /Rt is a tad yesterday with the paragon being the new today BUT ...)

    the SECOND!!!
    Lively was Naomei
    i never cared for this rez - eventhough its an ashpot and ashes simply are my favorite skil catagory (yeah i KNOW they are spells - but they work in their own way so SHHH! ;)) - untill THAT trip! yep i am talking about the all-mesmer Rotscale trips! Naomei is godly since its an untargeted spell (just like Restoration!). it will rez players though Frozen Soil! (seriosly i am faiting here since the scenario involves an ash-pot and a spirit - just sooo good! huge fan of spirits here (it was actually THE reason why i bought GW!)). also used it for our Gyala HM try - since the hench REFUSE to bloody move and spread - they all go back to their feet in ONE rez! was pretty nice to see!
    and the last but not least godly thing (just like Restoration) - since it works with a bit of a delay after one drops it - youre insanely self-sufficient since it offers something just insane - a SELF REZ! you die, it drops and youre back on your feet! (doesnt work if one is the LAST person in a mission or pvp map since the game ends AT THE MOMENT as one dies and NOT after the delay!)
    a superb rez!

    and last but seriously not least!
    the THIRD!
    Death Pact Signet
    its stats are just insane! ive used it a few times on my FoW trip as i went as a spirit spammer - ive had tons of hp (again the survivor lessons) and with Boon ive also had some pretty nice energy! which just make it the perfect choice to rez monks mid-battle! max hp and almost max energy in 2 secs is just insane! its bloody briliant!
    i just advise you NOT to use it on heroes/hench. i had a few surprises as the lovely Dunky tanked and all of a sudden i went from 600 hp to 0! it was one fine WTF-moment! ;)
    the fact that its a signet (no cost) doesnt help much - since one would want to have quite some energy when they use it BUT it works (like Lively (pre-cast of course!), restoration) in the deep in the whole 'no spells' room! thats pretty sweet!
    also good to know - dying because of death pact signet does not result in DP! nor in /death count if i am not mistaken!
    (wiki info:
    Death caused by this skill does not incur Death Penalty, does not increase the opposition's score in Kill Count or Hero Battle games, nor does it count towards the total shown by /deaths.)

    okily - enough of me raving about my 3 favorite rezzes that put the monk ones to shame just becuse of their completley different rules under which they work!

    (ohh and on the subject of Restoration - like you said - it should be pre cast to make it more usefull - and the way i see it - it like the last stop on ones journey - one goes to 'visit it to die'. a pretty interesting concept - which sadly isnt that realistic and this makes it a bit sub-par. but its not a spell which adds a new option for the whole 'no spells' rooms!)

    and i am not going to comment on the monk (the para was only used on my para too) choices - well because - why go monk if one can go ritu!??!
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