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    Petition: Easy Mode

    What topic says :). I want an easy mode, so it'll of course be easier. However, there should be flaws to easy mode:

    1. Reduced drops
    2. Reduced exp
    2. Will NOT count towards title EX: lets say Master's is less than 25 mins, and you beat it in 20, it will not count toward the Protector title.

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    When I saw the thread title my thoughts were instantly "You have got to be kidding me..." _

    What's... the point?
    New title? Slacker of Tyria/Cantha/Elona?

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    1. Waste of time
    2. Would make running/explorer titles easier
    3. Easier skill capping
    4. Easier quests

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    Normal mode already is easy mode.

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    uhmmm, i think it's a good idea, not everyone is a 1337!!!! leet player.
    and no, normal is not easy, not in high-end places atleast.
    altough i think that easy mode mutch be restricted on sertan places, like in RoT and sertan quests you cant beat in a milljon years.(like last day dawns)

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    Maybe not Easy mode, but Story mode.

    where nothing really counts. and you get a free armor upgrade at certain mission accomplishments.

    Much like the heroes do when they level.

    Only thing is no cap sigs, and only maybe 1 elite skill for each profession that will be unlocked.

    every title is denied, cart, vanquish, no bonuses....

    skills are unlocked at hero skill points, but are awarded more points per LB and SS level but does not get unlocked for the account.

    could maybe give it their own server.... maybe... hard to play with others around.

    maybe no trading either. And could only live off of the weapons and such that are dropped.

    i don't know... just spewing here.

    Story mode would work for those that just want to get it done and want to know the story fast and easy.

    Similar to a Single player game but some online eliments.

    this character couldn't pvp and is excluded from almost everything else too. no prezzies at b-days, no end game greens....

    well who would play with one... that's now what i'm thinking....

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    Well, I really don't see the point.

    I also agree that normal mode, while not necessarily "easy", is simple enough that it doesn't warrant a mode with further simplification (especially after the last update). I can currently hero/hench any mission/quest with any profession in any chapter and I am by no means "1337." That in and of itself should be enough eveidnce that anything easier would just become mundane, and ultimately pointless.

    Maybe if there was a reason presented for it's implementation I'd consider it, but as it stand... /notsigned

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