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    Monk Running Builds

    Are there any decent monk running build for chest runs? I cant seem to figure one out. I have the equipment for a 55, and my skills are


    Mystic Regeneration
    Spell Breaker
    Enchanted Haste
    Watchful Spirit
    Esscence Bond
    Blessed Sig


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    For Chest Runs you would want Mo/W.
    Protective Spirit
    Healing Breeze
    Holy Veil
    Shield of Judgment
    Balthazars Spirit
    That is a build that was used for and IDS run and very success full at that at 55hp.

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    Personally I don't recommend 55 life running, as it's very... limited. Although, if you do stick to that bar, drop watchful and mending as any decent earth MR will give you enough regen to keep you up if you're using PS, itself, and Balths Spirit (Essence Bond, too, possibly). Personally, I like keeping maintained enchants to a minimum. I'd also add a form of condition removal to your bar.

    Anyhow, this is the running build I use

    It's taken from this thread.

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    This is a thread on it but not mineIDS Run

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    Thank you, but i have a couple of questionss. Will these builds work on Naipu

    Quarter? my idea is to farm chests in hard mode for rare drops, but i keep

    dying. As factions is the only campain ive completed so far, this area is one

    of the better choices. Another i thought of was running melendru's hope for

    faction and the frequent chests in the mu area. I think my guild would smile

    on this, but is there a better spot for chests in Cantha? If not, is there a

    better one in NF or Prophecies?
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