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    Lord of the rings online

    hey, im getting bored of GW (this not thread to tell me it isn't) so has anyone played lord of the rings online that can give me a review of it cuz all these WoW nerds have been giving bad reviews but i want a smart GW player whos played LOTRO to tell me about it.... thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Jake View Post
    i want a smart GW player whos played LOTRO to tell me about it.... thanks
    We're so smart, there's already a thread...

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    Backin' Harlequin's play with the thread link, personally I think LotRO is fun and somewhat immersive. (For those who were really keen on the books and/or movies, they seem to enjoy it even more than others. All a matter of perspective I suppose.)

    I think it's unfair to compare games as each should be based on their own merits, however...there are some similiarities.

    LotRO, like WoW, has crafting professions (cooking, farming, prospecting, etc.) that require fundage and resources.

    There's also an in-game mailing system (however it charges you incrementally for items mailed. 50 coppers, starting price. if you send a stack of items, say leather, it'll pump up the cost just like FedEx would for weight.)

    Auction Hall (House, Hall...it's the same thing). Cool thing, if you're in a Kinship (aka guild) and they achieve a rank after a certain period of time (ranks for Kinships are based on how long they've been a Kinship, they don't have to -do- anything) - you can put items up in AH for members of your kinship only. (this also applies to mail, at a certain point just your kinship has a kin-only mailing ability or some such.)

    PVP. PVP in LotRO is called "monster play" (or Creep, monster-player, versus Freep, character-player thusly called as allied humans are called Free People). Normal character-players will eventually find themselves in an area called Ettenmoors after a certain level (estimated level 40, 50 is the cap at this time). Here they will face NPC mobs -and- players who have chosen "monster play" (becoming a monster: orc, warg, spider or uruk) and fight on the side of Angmar (the parallel running story to Tolkien's creation). Any player who reaches level 10 can visit a Fell Pool and take the plunge to create these end-game level monsters (you exist at level 50 and take what experience you do acheive to apply as armor/power/damage increases).
    personally, this format, to me, is a hoot

    Gah, I've written more than I expected to but that's a kind of general idea of the items I've seen a lot of WoW comparisons and what have you. As in the other thread, I'll also point you in the direction of the upcoming June PC Gamer as LotRO is the cover story (and features a decent overview of things to see/do in the game).

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