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    why purchase CE dances the game won't be here that much longer and they won't pass through the hall necessarily so no point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Pharaoh View Post
    why purchase CE dances the game won't be here that much longer and they won't pass through the hall necessarily so no point.
    It's 2 years away. There are South American governments that haven't lasted that long. Naturally, they won't be 100 or some other ridiculous amount, so that's not really an issue.

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    No. CE extras should never be for sale at the online store. Only those who buy/bought the CE should have those.

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    Stuff like CE dances and DA (Which I do not have,) Are special because they come from a collectors edition. They're there to show you went the extra mile to purchase the bigger box. If everyone had them, it wouldnt be very special, No matter how much I want that divine aura.

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    this is screaming HORSE ARMOR.

    so no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn Effer View Post
    Do you believe your $50 entitles you to endless free content from Anet?
    Quote Originally Posted by eu.guildwars.com/support/article/frequently_asked_questions_faq/
    Will there be a subscription fee for Guild Wars? Are there any other fees, such as for patches or updates?

    There is no a subscription fee of any kind, anywhere in the world and there are no hidden fees. You do not have to pay for the streaming updates that will take place on a regular basis, nor for additional content that we will provide between the chapters of Guild Wars.

    Interesting question. Anet placed great emphasis on it's assurance of constantly updated free content. In fact their unique business model was the main, or at least a major, selling point in countless PR junkets, interviews and promotions. I don't think reliance on a promise made at release and echoed [constantly] for nearly two years to be foolhardy or unreasonable.

    But no. Personally I never expected that level of service, nor is that an accurate description of the current system. Far from being free, ANet charge - regularly (and ridiculously) - for every 'major' content update. But I guess that's another issue entirely.

    My objection is far more simple. This is a game. I don't mind putting a price-tag on the cost of playing a game. I have issue with auctioning off a game. Especially when the game in question rose to favor precisely because it promised not to continually dip into your pocket.

    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn Effer View Post
    It isn't a core feature that is needed, it is in essence an add on that does not effect gameplay whatsoever. So yes, if they decided to do this then we should have to pay for it.
    It's curious if a feature in no way affects your gaming experience why are you willing to pay money for it? Or is 'core' gameplay defined purely by the speed and location of things you kill?

    What about titles then? Lets have a title that you can buy. Every dollar you spend in the GW Store earns you 100 points towards your title. Or you can just buy the title outright and save 10%.

    Face it, Guild Wars content is skin deep. Aesthetics, it is the only thing that ever changes, it's what defines your character. Anything that affects the way you look is just as important as skill changes or content updates. Taking something from an 'exclusive' release and making it easily accessible is not a small deal that "does not effect gameplay". It is just as huge as putting a dollar value on 15k armor. Which would, if this proposal finds favor in Anet land, would be the next logical step.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Flameheart View Post
    Not CE. They've stated a load of times they won't sell them, or divine aura.
    Correct. And even if they did, I wouldn't really want them to (and no, I don't have the divine auras, other than Nightfall's).

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    As noted, Gaile has said repeatedly in her chats CE dances will never be sold in the store. Personally, I wouldn't want them anyway. You can't toggle them on and off, the divine aura that is.

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    No. They'll lose the value for those who did get the CE.

    Full disclosure: does not have any CE. Would I want the dances? Maybe, BUT I didn't get the CE, so I have NO right to them. End.

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    I bought the CE versions of the game because I knew that the dances and special emotes would not be put up for sale at the online store.

    I hate to sound snobbish, but - I would be quite disappointed if the in-game collector "specials" were just offered at the store. They are supposed to be rare.


    I wrote the above without reading anything other than the first post, but I'd like to comment on:

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Pharaoh View Post
    why purchase CE dances the game won't be here that much longer and they won't pass through the hall necessarily so no point.
    Seriously, what are you talking about? - Even if the sequel is due in 2 years, I quite expect to be able to play guild wars (1) whenever I want to still. Just because there's a sequel, it doesn't mean that I don't want to play the first game and - if there's a sequel and it sells well, - then I strongly suspect that the first game's servers would keep running for years, thanks to the added income. So, you're not making much sense.

    I don't care if my CE specials carry over to the sequel - in fact, I don't even know if I'll want to play the sequel. It isn't out yet, so I don't even know what it will be like.

    I know that I like the current game, though and that I'll probably keep playing that when the mood takes me, however.
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