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    Red face Ritualists in DoA?

    I've never been in Domain of Anguish, and was wondering if ritualists are of any use there? If so, could anyone post some builds here? Thanks!

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    A build I like to use in high end PvE is the basic ritual lord. Which looks like:

    Feast of Souls
    Signet of Creation (When not with an MM, Shadow Song or Pain are good subs.)
    Ritual Lord (E)
    Boon of Creation
    Flesh of my Flesh, Lively was Naomei

    The concept of the build is to reduce as much damage to the party as possible. In high end pve, your spirits will die fast. This is not a bad thing, because it means that they are doing their job. You pretty much suck as much damage as possible into a black hole to relieve pressure from your monks. Shelter is extremely important because it prevents one hit kills from high end spiking enemies. This buiild also works well in powering soul reaping for necros.

    Feast of Souls is your panic button. When the party is taking heavy damage ram feast of souls to clear your 2-3 spirits and give the entire party up to 300-400 hp easy.

    For equipment, all radiant armor is a must to ritual lord. The more energy your can muster, means the more damage you are preventing from your party. This build is also designed to stay out of the combat area. The range of the three spirits is about 3 times the size of the aggro bubble. Which means you can party prot from a mile away and rez your party incase something bad goes down.

    It's important not to place your spirits in aggro range of enemies. On hard mode enemies recognize spirits and make efforts to kill them. Stand far away and bind way out in safety. I argue that having a ritual lord over a bonder is more viable in many high end areas, where lifebond is simply shatterbait. signet of creation is also a good skill to use in order to extend the staying power of shelter and union when faced with a heavy aggro.

    Displacement dies extremely fast but is worth bringing due to its ability to prevent heavy blows that easily kill on hard mode. When it dies fast it means you have prevented 11-13 attacks against your party, which is alot of damage thwarted.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kyan's Avatar

    Displacement looks a nice skill, but does it count attacks to minnions from a party mm ?

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    It says "party members" in the wiki skill description, so no.

    The rit lord build is generally useless these days. Shelter, Displacement, and Union drop in around 5 seconds in PvE, get turned into adrenaline fodder in PvP, cost a lot to put up, and are easy to interrupt. If ritualists have a role in DOA I'm not aware of it.

    According to wiki somebody should bring Shelter and Displacement for the fight against mallyx because enchantments get removed.
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    Yes, I would imagine spirits get slaughtered in seconds at DoA.. Do I really have to get my ele to DoA and go SF? Becouse I'm really bored of that.

    I suppose people just want SF and not a channeling nuker. Bah.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lais Irideika's Avatar

    Hm - thanks for posting that high-end build, Helmos. It might come in handy for me, because I have started to play my rit much more seriously now these past several weeks...

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    It makes me wish I didn't delete my old rit seeing this now. Chances are she'd have beaten nightfall and factions and be running in DOA. I made a new rit and I'm slowly working on building her up again. But really how much are Rits looked for now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archlich Necrosaro View Post
    how much are Rits looked for now?
    Not that much. The general populace has been slow to educate themselves in the ways of channeling and restoration.

    Though most groups may not know it, ritualists can replace a monk, elementalist, and minion master throughout the majority of PvE.

    And they've got communing for the PUG's that don't know better.

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    I saw my brother do a group with a channeling ritualist as the leader. They finished just fine, but I doubt as a Ritualist you'll be able to join a pug... I think Ritualists are better off PUG-wise in other elite areas.

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    Oh well then I should do fine I'm running a cheap resto build with no elites. When I ran it before I got all the ways to arborstone fairly easily with a version of it what i'm using now is this granted she's only like level 11 at the moment.

    Weapon of Warding
    Vengeful Weapon
    Soothing Memories
    Mend Body and Soul
    Generous was Tsungrai
    Flesh of my flesh

    stats right now is
    Restoration 9 (8+1)
    Communing 6
    Spawning 4

    I could throw in a mesmer skill somewheres not sure what one yet. As for Elites at 16 restoration I can out heal monks in some conditions. But really I advertise as support healing.

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