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    Capping Hero Skills

    I was wondering how I can cap Flesh Golum. I have a W/Mo from Prophecies, who has heroes from NF and I wanted to cap Flesh Golum in Factions...phew! Can I cap the skill for Olias with my W/Mo, or do I have to start a Necro and cap the skill so it is open on my account?

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    No need to start a Necro, although they are alway useful.

    Go to the Command Center (NF), the cities in the desert (P), or Senji's corner (F) and change your secondary to Necro. Once you do that, you can cap Flesh Golem on your warrior.

    You can always change your secondary back to /Mo and you won't loss anything by changing your secondary profession.

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    if you PvP at all, you can unlock the skill for 3k balth faction, and then your heroes will be able to use it.

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