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    New Breed of Bots?

    Hey Guys,

    I don't know if this is old or news but to me it's new. Again, I usually play in the international district to avoid overcrowding and lag. I know I'm going to see bots like Mo/W and E/Me but this time I saw N/Rs. I'm pretty sure they're bots because of non-sense names they have, the way they bunch up and stand together, they're starter armor from pre-searing, they're looks are the same.

    Here's a pic, you decide for yourself. I'm sorry I couldn't show their names, it's against the rules. But you know the typical bot name: "gjklk gklgj"

    Any ideas what they do?

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    but u showed yours....

    Necro / Ranger ?????

    u cant assume only in player names.... and thayre lvl....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relay View Post
    but u showed yours....
    It's quite ok to show your own IGN on these forums. You just may not show others without their consent, and it's extremely difficult to prove that you have their consent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relay View Post
    but u showed yours....

    Necro / Ranger ?????

    u cant assume only in player names.... and thayre lvl....
    That's because I have my own consent to show mine .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BunnyLord View Post
    That's because I have my own consent to show mine .
    Did you ask Dunkoro, Koss and Jin?

    Don't ask me about the turtle.

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    Maybe they farm the corsairs in defend champions dawn sub mission cos i think they drop colosal scimatars.

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    Assuming they are bots, they may be using an unusual secondary to avoid scrutiny by ANet (and then switch to their normal secondary when they're ready to start farming). Since they're only level 4, they're probably still being run/powerlevelled through the game.

    DOUBLE EDIT: Didn't read your post thoroughly, thought you meant Necro secondary In that case... I don't have a clue; necromancer isn't exactly a popular farming profession.
    Last edited by Scutilla; 03-05-2007 at 17:18. Reason: "unusual", not "usual"... -_-

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    IDK, I wouldn't condemn them as bots when there is only two... but if someone finds a town full of N/R running to a sign then leaving we'll know where they came from...

    The thing is that this is in Nightfall. If they are wearing pre-sear armor (IDK what the necro presear looks like) then they have bought 2 chapters. I also don't know of any farming build that works much better with necro primary then with monk, and monks in general are more versatile.

    I've seen plenty of monk bots-in-training, though. There are signs. As you said they wear pre-sear armor, usually dyed, always a solid color the whole way through (remember that you can choose a free dye-job at the start). They are level 2 until they hit the desert. They have warrior secondary. They appear in groups of 3, all with no guild and names that are apparently random letters - 2 words of between 2 and 5 letters each. A W/Mo with an Asian name and usually a guild appears after them and then runs them the next leg. I most often see this in ID1 of sanctum cay.

    Anyway, these aren't monks, they are level 4, and they are in Nightfall instead of on a path from ascalon to the desert. It could just as easily be two friends who have no idea what they're doing and decided to play the same build, or even just happened to stand next to each other. And who are bad at making up names.

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    I'm genuinely curious, what would you farm with a N/R, that does so little damage as to be survivable. I can see where the damage would come from (necro hexes) but not the survivability.

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    there is actually an n/r farming build although i can't find it now

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