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    What armor stats to get?

    I decided to make a Rit and it's fun but what armor stats would be the best for a Rit? Does it depend on the build that I'm running or should I just use one set of armor for all my builds?

    I was leaning towards the Halcyon's armor for my chest and leggings piece and for my hands and shoes the Harbinger's armor stats. Would this be a good decision?

    Right now I'm usually using Communing and Restoration builds but I'm sure I will want to go Channeling too.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I recently started playing a Rit as well. My first impression is that +energy really helps with item spells, when you lose the energy bonus from staves/focii.

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    I've had my ritualist for quite some time and my armor setup is basically -- 3 pieces towards Halycon's - 1 towards Shaman ( for those times I want to Spirit Spam ) - Mystic is good while your actually using skills - Oracle is think is best when your playing a Communing Rit or Healer since you'll be using Might Was Vorizun and Attuned Was Songkai (holding item spells) the most.

    But energy is always a favorite so 3 pieces towards that for sure --
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    I always make sure to buy armor + while holding and while being affected by wep spell. Seeing how I always have 1 item or various weapon spells.

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    have two armors, one with +energy and one with +health.

    Use the +health armor is you're going to use item spells to make sure you're max hp doesn't become too low.

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    My personal favorite is Emissary/Ghost Forge Armor (+15 with weapon spells) and long lasting weapons like Vital Weapon. Oracle's Armor is also good if you use Generous Was Tsungrai or Mighty Was Vorizun.

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    My "general purpose" armor which I use for restoration builds,communing and chanelling is full survivor insignias +runes of attunement.

    My spirit strength builds use another set with Ghost Forge insignias+runes of vitae.

    Hope u find it helpful :)


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    Thank you all for the tips! Now it's time to go shopping!

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    +hp armor unless you know you'll be running specific builds that could benefit from an armor boosting set like Herald's.

    I strongly advise against +energy armor.

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    I assume you mean for PvE?

    I used +energy armour all the time without any issues. Not sure why Razma strongly advises against it *shrug*

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