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    I feel like a noob...

    ... but because I don't want to feel like a noob I'm here asking for help. I'm quite good at pvp, its the pve thats a problem for me. Particularly the nice and fuzzy HM Charr. I've been trying to hero through diessa lowlands, yet I keep getting slaughtered by the big furries.
    I've been running MoR domination for myself, BiP MM for Olias, Eviscerate for Koss and Healers Boon for Dunkoro. I tried switching Olias to curses but that seemed to be very ineffective in comparison.
    I don't have factions, so try not to suggest factions skills. Other than that, I have access to pretty much everything else.

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    a MM wont help in 4 man parties, things only go smooth whenever you have 5+ minions. The problem with this is upkeep, even with BotM you wont have 5+ healthy minions all the time in 4 man areas.

    I dunno if dunkoro actually maintains healers boon, last time i made my heroes use maintenance enchants they didnt keep it. If it works then its fine, otherwise Word of Healing is the healing elite of choice because of the catch-up healing ability it can do.

    Koss is fine with eviscerate, deep wound is nice but try to run part tactics instead of part strength. Shields up and watch yourself helps a helluva lot. (Especially shields up, those charr archers hurt)

    MoR Domination is good, dont forget to pack power returns to stop charr MS and ressurection by the gargoyles, Diversion in case it goes haywire and 2 enemy healers meet up.

    As for your replacement for olias, I would prefer a spiritualist but since you dont have factions..; I think the char are pretty suceptible to cold damage, which is good because it allows water magic to be a bit better on the damage. Even if its not this adds another ability for your team to defend without sacrificing offensive ability. Deep Freeze Ice Spikes Blurred Vision goes a long way, as for the elite I prefer Shatterstorm to keep up with damage ability.

    IGN: Nobleman Azure Me/X [Retired]

    Saying PVE is a no brains mode of gameplay doesn't hold water. There are parts here and there where you have to be tactically alert.
    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    this is what i took along for vanquishing:
    1. goren earthshaker hammer war
    2. dunkoro woh healer
    3. Master of whispers Flesh golem MM
    4. Geist fanatismus SS insidious and emphatie
    take along 2 interupts (my preference power drain and signet of disruptions) and you will be fine...

    this setup can clear any area upto shiverpeaks (when you start with 6 man teams), starting with 6 man teams you should replace goren with a ele off choice and add alesia and stefan (stefan has the best defensive capabilities)

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    I tried both your suggestions, but failed miserably. No matter what I set dunkoro to, he starts getting pounded pretty much right away and then its game-over. Maybe im just missing something about getting Koss to hold the aggro because even setting them cast range apart doesn't help. And I cant set farther since dunk stops healing.

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    well if you are using koss as a tank that really wont work.

    I have gone far from the tank way of thinking, usually just makes things boring and in HM's case not that effective.

    Dont give dunkoro healing whisper or touch, that makes him go up in front.

    Other than that I dont know what you are doing wrong cuz my setup has worked for me, with the exception of not using koss and using spiritualist or spirit oathshot instead.

    IGN: Nobleman Azure Me/X [Retired]

    Saying PVE is a no brains mode of gameplay doesn't hold water. There are parts here and there where you have to be tactically alert.
    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    For the 4 x 4 teams I've moved away from trying to interrupt directly. They cast faster, which means you need migraine or frustration to make some interrupting worth while. I went with illusion and brought toons that add conditions (i.e. ele for burning or ranger for burning/poison/bleeding) to make epidemic and fragility interesting. I either bring an ss necro to make Accumulated pain more viable or I use frag and frustration then epidemic deep wound that way. I also epidemic ineptitude since the early missions are more melee heavy. I bring one or two interrupts - usually web of disruption and leech signet but by and large my build is good old tyrian skills.

    For the early missions, a tank is kinda worthless. With AI being what it is, my toons cluster, therefore, so do my foes, which makes epidemic that much more useful. For the missions with Rurik, I ended up letting him tank - which he's decent at - and he happily gathers aggro anyhow. But I also had Dunkoro doing heal AND Tahlkora running Life Barrier and P-bond while she was pinned two aggro bubbles away. A bit annoying since I had to micromange her and restore removed bonds, but it worked for me playing a mesmer primary with heroes only.

    For later Kryta missions I started going back to dom for mistrust and guilt since again, direct interrupt is not so simple and I can't afford to babysit a monster. In D'alessio and Divinity I ended up taking Healing Hands and Healing Seed to augment Talhkora running RC prot and Alesia so that I could ensure Confessor and Benji and the villagers stayed alive. Even though i've kinda frowned on those skills a bit in the past, they work really well where mobs of ghouls, avacara or ettins swarm one target. Mistrust and guilt on the bar meant that for D'alessio and Divinity coast, I could quickly shut down fire imps and earthquake sorcerers, preventing at least two and possibly three rodgort's invocations or earthquakes when three of those monsters showed up by just placing one on each immediately and interrupting with leech sig on the third. This is important since a clustered AI party will get wiped if three of those spells go off on you. I've yet to bring a warrior out to play on any hard mode mission to date.

    At the wilds and bloodstone, I was back to conditioning/illusion once more.

    A mesmer's strength lies in looking at the situation, thinking strategically and then bringing the bag of tricks that works best there. So let go of the one build mentality and be flexible. I may get pwned the first couple tries, but then I assess the dynamics of an area and then sort through the skills and toons that will best help me overcome the obstacles with my given play style. That's why I love playing a mesmer in PvE.

    Good luck!

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    Well, if you didn't call them Furries, they might be a little more calm.

    Other than that, i'd need to know what you used as the shortlived Curses build for Olias.

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    you need prot not healing or, failing that, some off monk assistence in the form of blinding flash/surge, enfeebling blood, etc. A spirit spammer wold probably sort you out in ascalon missions. I know from personal experience mms can in fact excel in Ascalon HM, and will make up for most of the defensive deficiencies of the rest of the team, but heroes don't mm nearly as well as players and without manual assistence (like, personally clicking botm every few seconds) you'll probably rarely have more than 3-5 minions.

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    olias does pretty well as a mm gets to 9 and maintains quite well; the problem is that too many things have aoe for minions to survive. prot isn't really an option since pretty much every second group has a necro and a mes with ench stripping. i tried doing bsurge it seems to be working for now.

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    Even with enchantment stripping, Zealous Benediction is the healing you need.

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