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    Need Some Help With A R/D Build

    Hey all!
    Recently, I decided to try out Spirit's Strength using a scythe. The build I came up with is here.

    Spawning Power: 14
    Scythe Mastery: 10
    Communing: 6
    Earth Prayers: 9

    1.Mystic Sweep
    2.Eremite's Attack
    3.Chilling Victory (or some other variable)
    4.Spirit's Strength
    5.Sight Beyond Sight
    6.Vital Weapon
    7.Mystic Regeneration
    8.Flesh of My Flesh

    The principal is to spam mystic sweep and eremite's attack because of their 3/4 casting time. Now, on paper, this looks good, but in practice I can't keep my energy high enough to continue for long periods of time. I'm not sure if a zealous scythe would cut it, I don't have one I could use, but could any of you give any suggestions for energy management? Thanks for the responses!

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    try taking a look at the zealous renewal skill. It will do trivial damage, but the energy gained from attacks does not scale to mysticism, so you might be able to get energy that way. And if you're using a zealous scythe, try to hit as many targets as possible.

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    Taking IAS really increases your damage a lot with SS on so I'd recommend you put it in somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cycloop View Post
    Taking IAS really increases your damage a lot with SS on so I'd recommend you put it in somewhere.
    I would, but there are no Ritu or Derv skills (other than heart of fury under mysticism) that increase attack speed. Anyway, mystic's and eremite's act as IAS in their own right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cycloop
    Taking IAS really increases your damage a lot with SS on so I'd recommend you put it in somewhere.
    He's artificially creating IAS by using the 3/4s attack speed skills. I think the only IAS a Rit/Derv has is HoFury which is Mysticism and thus not practically useable...

    In PvE Zealous is good enough as you hit multiple enemies regularly, in PvP it'll probably be nice, but not great. Maybe switch out Chilling Victory for Crippling Sweep?

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    whirling charge of wind prayers give both run and attack speed boost.

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    Whirling Charge is nice since you should always meet the condition, the energy cost and recast kinda suck though.. As for e-management I think a Zealous scythe would be sufficient.. toss on a enchantments 20% and damage 15% while enchanted

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    Ok, I don't know if this is a good idea, but you could try putting 9 attributes in wind, take it out of earth. Replace mystic regen with whirling charge, and the last thing I'm afraid of saying but I'll say it anyway. Replace chilling victory with lyssa's haste.

    This build would definitely require some help from a monk or another rit or something, but it would definitely deal some damage and not have to worry about energy as much. You might want to have a paragon with fallback so you will actually be gaining health as well as energy while you are running.

    If you have more problems staying alive than getting energy you may want to try dwayna's touch instead. As for the scythe attacks, those two may help attack faster, but are truly bad for energy. You may want to try victorious sweep and lyssa's assault instead. If you do this, you might not need lyssa's haste and will get even more health from victorious sweep. One last possibility would be to take wearying strike plus wielder's remedy. You could still have two scythe attacks since you probably won't need lyssa's haste.

    This may be getting you away from the focus of your build, but you will have IAS for 10 seconds out of 20, so that will help, and imo, the scythe attacks I mentioned are much more powerful/helpful than the two you are currently using.
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