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    Check your PM inbox <.<

    Sorry, no picture in this thread...imageshack's sloooow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monotheisticfreakizoid View Post
    For the more traditional roleplayers out there you'll get a kick from these...
    Epic win.

    More RPG motivators

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulstorm View Post
    That's like, my favourite site ever.

    And the best poster there. :D
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    I send this out to all the GW Rangers who've ever complained about their DPS. Too bad. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Jack View Post
    Which reminded me of a T-Shirt that Brit rapper Example's just brought out:

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    Wrong quote on the badass pic Sir Jack. I acutally have that pic somewhere. I remember it being something about when you take a guys toys away. Ill have to find it.

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    Take a break, Sir Jack. Be more circumspect in the content of your picture spamming when you come back, please; rummaging through your images to remove the inappropriate junk was tedious.

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    I was gonna post that one just for you... I'm glad ya found it...

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