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    Red face A new man in town

    hi Guyz

    Iam a new player in GW

    i was a player in many MMORPG like WoW , silkroad and MU

    and now i decided to give GW a try

    but b4 i do i have some questions to u

    1- I didnt buy the CD yet ... So what do u advise me to buy NightFalls , Factions or Prophecies .... Keeping in mind that i know that each one have a different compagin and i may buy the three later if i get satisfied with the game .... so which part u advise me to get first which u think is the best ??

    2-Is this game about grinding and farming skills ? or team role play game ?

    3- what about the pvp system in the game ?? is it all about the war between guilds or theres more ?

    4- and what about the community in the game .. are they helpful and friendly ??

    5- and what about the customer service ??

    so many questions in my mind

    but any tips to help me out in my start will be so thankful ..

    like what build is better for a newbie or things i should do and things i shouldnt

    omg i talk too much

    thx for ur time in reading my post

    and thx for ur answer in advance

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    1 - I would recommend the Prophecies campaign first. Nightfall is a good competitor but I say Porphecies for one main reason. Skill Quests. In the other campaigns you have to buy EVERY skill and eventually the price hikes high. This is not a good thing for a new player. Prophecies supplies you with skills and at the end of the game you have a well rounded character in whatever class you selected.

    2 - I would say this is a game specifically designed so you don't HAVE to farm, but you can for higher status symbols, whatever floats your boat. If you find a decent Pick up Group some good role playing and fun can happen, especially where you are starting out because that's where the rest of the starters are, obviously...

    3 - Guild vs. Guild is one small facet of Guild Wars' PvP. There are other battles like Hero Battles (Nightfall Needed), the Random Arena chain where you start in Random Arena and once winning 5 in a row go to Team Arenas and finally Hero's Ascent. There are Alliance Battles and Zaishen challenges and so much more.

    4 - The community is great, helpful, friendly, just don't talk to people who call themselves "ub3r 1337"

    5 - I've never had to use Customer Service but my friend who has used it told me they were polite, friendly, and did as much as they could to help him out.

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    1. I definitely agree. I would get Prophecies first. Each installment has its own story, so really you could start with any of them, but I did like the skill rewards in Prophecies.

    I feel you get more bang for your buck with prophecies as well. The map is bigger than it is in factions (not sure about Nightfall) and for many of the missions, its not a race against the clock. It does take a little longer to level up in Prophecies. That's the one downside, but there are scrolls and things that you can use to level up faster.

    I think the earlier enemies are more interesting in Prophecies as well. Char are much cooler to kill...than the bugs and large lizards in Nightfall, but the Nightfall storyline picks up a little faster than Prophecies (to me).

    Now if you are looking for the game that has the most people in it... I think that's Nightfall, but there are still a lot of people in Prophecies esp. in the larger outposts.

    2. GW can be a grindfest if you make it one. Really just depends upon your goals. Alot of people (myself included) finished the game without uber 1337 weapons or armor. Like in real life...if you want really nice things - you have to pay . That means farming and grinding.

    3. I'm not a big PVPer but I think the PVP system is quite good. In addition to the things Ranger mentioned, occasionally there are special PVP oriented events to help you advance your goals (i.e. earning a gladiator title or gaining fame) and just all around fun PVP. My favorite is the Dragon Arena. Instant Kill FTW!!!

    4. I would say people are pretty friendly. I have asked random questions ingame and gotten nice answers. I have helped people as well. There are "noob" callers and some strange people with questionable manners and taste ingame, but there strange people in all of our neighborhoods as well.

    Good Luck with your purchase :).
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    I only do PvE so my opinion is for a PvE'r

    1. Prophecies, especially for the skill rewards and if you do not want to be rushed and then ask yourself how come I'm not into it (game play and/or storyline), and I already have a lvl 20 char. Prophecies will imo make you fit more for PvE and enjoy the storyline a bit more since it's less rushed.

    2. Really, it's what you want it to be, if you take it easy and not care about anything but just want to play and have something to take you away for everyday work it's for you. If you want to grind and get lots of items and such, it for you as well. If you want titles, bragging rights, well it's possible in PvE but I believe PvP is more fun to brag than to do it to Koss or Stephan ;)

    3. there is more, but since I do not have an experienced opinion it's hard for me to convey the value of the more than Guil vs Guild, ask in PvP or others will tell you.

    4. My experience has been great with the community, I would say I never had any bad experiences related to people or the community. Having said that, I do know that people are more easily offended online than others, and there are less than desirable people in every online community.

    5. Customer service has been great for me, audio issues with direct song long ago. But I must say that personnally, I am rarely impressed by service in most online companies and they are in the better ones in that point of view.



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    1.) Do not - I repeat - do NOT start with Prophecies, unless you want to be back to playing WoW in a matter of days. I will simply never understand how the Prophecies Campaign can seriously be recommended for starting out with GW unless you're a grandparent (no offense there) trying out your first computer with your first computergame, cause that's roughly the "speed" (or rather the lack of) of which the Prophecies campaign progresses. Prophecies is old, it can't compete anymore with what the other campaigns and especially not with what other games such as WoW have to offer.

    Give Nightfall a try first, see the full scale of what GW has to offer these days and then buy the others later on. It won't be a problem to follow the thin storyline no matter in what order you play the campaigns (Personally, I have played in Nightfall - Factions - Prophecies order).

    2.) Up to you, you can do all, you can do none... freedom of choice.

    3.) I don't PvP, so I wouldn't know.

    4.) Sometimes :p

    5.) Luckily, I didn't need them so far... I guess that's a good sign.

    Welcome to GW then... and about builds, I think as long as you're not starting out as a W/Mo with mending, you should be fine ;)

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    thx all of u guyz for ur help

    but i have some comments and ... more questions too

    1- I think iam with satenia's opinion as from my experiance in online games
    the game become better in graphics , skills , quests .. etc in the later expansions ..
    and if the gold is a problem in nightfall as ranger mentioned

    then i guess all the players who gonna try Paragon and Dervish will face the same problem

    2- I felt a relief after i heard ur talk about the grinding specially after i knew that the cap in this game is only lvl 20
    (( u know that this is the smallest cap i have ever seen in any MMORPG ))

    now to some lil more questions

    hope i dont bother u guyz

    1-I searched all the site and didnt find anything talking about the trade system in GW ... no auction mall ... no stalls ... nothing at all ...
    so plz dont tell me i have to sell my items by shouting on the cities !!

    2-If i purchased nightfall ... all the classes and skills will be open to me or it's gonna be limited ?

    thx guyz 4 ur help
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    1- there are no auction malls. the trading system is like MU, only without the personal shops... So you have to shout WTS in cities.
    2- its going to be limited to some degree, you have acces to all the nightfall skills and core skills, but you dont have access to the factions and prophecies skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyHITMAN View Post
    1- I think iam with satenia's opinion as from my experiance in online games
    the game become better in graphics , skills , quests .. etc in the later expansions ..
    and if the gold is a problem in nightfall as ranger mentioned

    then i guess all the players who gonna try Paragon and Dervish will face the same problem
    I don't know about your experience in online games, but the graphics were best in Prophecies, then Nightfall, then after a wide gap, in Factions.

    Skills are not better in the later chapters. In fact, you can't do several builds without skills from Prophecies, but you can do quite well without the skills of Factions in most cases. Nightfall had some decent skills again, that's right.

    The players who try out Paragons and Dervishes already have money in their vault.

    Still, well yes. Nightfall is a nice start, though your heroes will be quite useless in the beginning. Just don't start out with Factions.

    2-If i purchased nightfall ... all the classes and skills will be open to me or it's gonna be limited ?
    You will have access to the Nightfall and the Core skills. If you look around in the skill lists in Guildwiki, you will find "Nightfall, Factions, Prophecies, Core" behind each one. That's where you can see what you're going to miss.

    In the case of Nightfall, you actually won't be able to ever reach the full elite skill hunter title, because you can't switch your character to a secondary Assassin or Ritualist (Factions only classes), and so you can't capture about 20-30 eliteskills.

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    To answer your questions, I havent experienced any difference in graphics, quests or anything in Nightfall, and my recommendation would be based on your patience. Do you want to learn slowly, or get in the action before you might be fully prepared? Prophecies is slow and skill rewards help, but Nightfall is better for more impatient.

    And many of the others trying paragon and dervish wont have problems with money, because they have plenty of older characters to supply skill costs. Luckily, with removal of skill quests in later chapters you also get more money and skillpoints there, so you shouldnt get impossible problems whatever you choose.

    The only grinds in this game are optional. You can get max stats weapons and armor really cheap, and everything else is just cosmetics. The most expensive armor called FoW armor (Fissure of Woe, thats where its bought) costs about 1,5 mil in game money and isnt any bit better than the one you got from first max armor crafter.

    Selling anything is a pain, because you have to spam trade channel. I tried wow for a year, then returned to gw and I must admit its just horrible in comparison. However, if you join a guild and they are in big alliance, you could try selling to guildies in guild or alliance chat to ease it.

    Classes and skills are limited by chapters you own. The original ones in Prophecies are "Core" classes, they come with every chapter. Factions has ritualist and assassin and Nightfall has dervish and paragon, and those you can only play if you own the chapter. Same way, core skills are shared between all chapters and chapter exclusive skills are for that those owning that chapter.

    Hope that answered most of your questions.

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    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    While there is no auction mall or stalls in GW, you can always sell your items to the in-game merchant. There are also forums on several fan sites (this one included) where you can post the things you have to sell. GWOnline even has a eBay-like auction site.

    I'd venture to say that a large number of people who purchased Nightfall already had one or both of the other chapters and so did not start out a Dervish or Paragon with no gold in their pockets. As stated by others, skills must be purchased with gold and skill points. Skill points are earned each time you reach a XP milestone. Nightfall does offer gold as part of quest rewards and if you check the forum, you can find the thread on the keyless chest which will also help out with a chunk of change and some items. So that will help out with your skill purchases, but know that it doesn't take long for the price of skills to top out at their 1K each price.

    Yes, Prophecies can be slow, but you can also move through it fairly quickly if you wish. Just check sites that point out from which quests you can get your skills and do those plus your primary quests and missions.
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