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    Paragon Builds Compendium

    Yeah, this is kinda late, but I thought I'd put it up anyway. All listed attributes are base, I'll fill in the rune setups and explanations at a later date. For now: Enjoy.

    Some of these builds are not mine, so I'm just gonna list names of all people who contributed (willingly or without me asking) to this compendium. It'll be updated as I add more builds, so if you want a build added, just pm me, I'll edit it around a bit, correct the format, and ship it over to Auntie so that she can edit this main post here.

    Maximum Squid
    The Divider

    Angelic Bond Paragon
    [build name="Angelic Bonder" prof=Paragon] [Angelic Bond][Spear of Lightning][Harrier's Toss]["Go For the Eyes"][Anthem of Envy][Anthem of Flame]["They're on Fire"][Signet of Return] [/build]
    Template Code: OQGAMz4HcD2Cfhrw9y5N
    Orientation: PvP/PvE

    Fissure Commander
    [build name="Fissure Commander" prof=Paragon Command=10+1 Leadership=10+1+1 SpearMastery=11+1][Spear of Lightning][Vicious Attack]["Go For the Eyes"][Crippling Anthem][Anthem of Envy][Fall Back]["There's Nothing to Fear"][Aggressive Refrain][/build]
    Template Code:
    Orientation: PvE
    Spear – Minor
    Leadership – Minor + Headpiece
    Command – Minor
    Explanation: Ahh, this is your general group damage augmenter. You’ve got GftE and AoE for pure +damage, and Crippling Anthem to keep your backline safe from crazy running monsters. Use Fall Back to keep the group moving and cast TNtF for pure win. You can take out FB or AoE for other skills as you find necessary. The elite can also be switched with Anthem of Guidance if you find that you need it for whatever reason.

    Cruel Spear / Frenzy Paragon
    [build name="Cruel Spear / Frenzy Paragon" prof=Paragon/Warrior Leadership=12+1 SpearMastery=12+1+1][Cruel Spear][Harrier's Toss][Blazing Spear][Glowing Signet][Leader's Comfort][Frenzy][Rush][Signet of Return][/build]
    Template Code: OQGiUyo8wgbwK4WMMWr8Tk3A
    Orientation: PvP
    Spear - Minor + Headpiece
    Leadership - Minor
    Explanation: Pretty straightforward I'd say. Build adrenaline, Frenzy, Spike, Glowing Signet to replenish energy.. rinse and repeat. Rush for annoying kiters, Sig of Return for a useful mid-battle hard res... You get the point.

    Expel Hexes Paragon
    [build name="Expel Hexes Paragon" prof=Paragon/Mesmer Command=8+1 Leadership=10+1+1 SpearMastery=12+1][Expel Hexes][Anthem of Flame][Spear of Lightning][Vicious Attack][Glowing Signet]["Go For the Eyes"][There's Nothing to Fear][Aggressive Refrain][/build]
    Template Code: OQWjUmlqS6OVYPYBZtYWYAhubA
    Orientation: PvE
    Spear – Minor
    Leadership – Minor + Headpiece
    Command. - Minor
    Explanation: This differs from the GvG variant in several ways: I fit in TNtF and Glowing Signet and took out Mirror of Disenchantment. TNtF needed to go somewhere, and you don’t see many Aegis chains in PvE. To cope with the high energy demands of constant EHing+TNtF along with your Spear attacks, I put in Glowing Signet. Can be replaced with Leader’s Zeal.
    GvG variant: OQWjUymlqO6uiq7OI/gtwVY5N
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    Furious Leader
    [build name="Furious Leader" prof=Paragon Leadership=12+1 SpearMastery=12+1+1][Vicious Attack][Spear of Lightning]["Go For the Eyes"][Anthem of Envy][Anthem of Fury][Blazing Finale][They're on Fire][Leader's Comfort][/build]
    Template Code: OQCjUumGKPB5HsF+CHhPx9YYMA
    Command – Superior + Headpiece
    Leadership – Minor
    Spear – Minor
    Put Blazing Finale on the tank, and then basically spam every skill you have. The real challenge (which isn’t even that big) of this build comes in micro managing your heroes. You’ll have to focus them on the same target, make sure your Necro hero casts the right hexes on the right targets (he usually gets it right) and so on and so forth. Maintaining placement of monsters using your two warrior heroes really helps since the Necro will be carrying Mark of Pain on his bar.
    NOTE: Fownkaymownkay says only a Leadership minor rune but I'm making a leap that he wanted Leadership to be in the headpiece.

    Heavy Bashagon
    [build name="Heavy Bashagon" prof=Paragon/Warrior Command=8+1 Leadership=10+1+1 HammerMastery=12][Staggering Blow][Heavy Blow][Awe]["Go For the Eyes"][Never Surrender][Focused Anger][Aggressive Refrain][Leader's Comfort][/build]
    Template Code: OQGjMxmlqOolzSJ2c7jT3ubYMA
    Alternate Template: AZMCqaiT8gWOLlYLsPOd7uhxA
    Can some one confirm which one is correct.
    Orientation: PvE/PvP
    Leadership – Minor
    Command – Minor
    This variant of the Bashagon is best suited for Morghan, who refuses to use Hammer Bash, or Crushing Blow after a KD. The actual version that you, the player should be running involves taking Heavy and Staggering Blow out for Hammer Bash and Crushing Blow, and taking out Never Surrender for Lead the Way (PvP).

    DA-Motivation Paragon
    [build name="DA-Motivation Paragon" prof=Paragon Leadership=10+1+1 Motivation=10+1 SpearMastery=11+1][Spear of Lightning][Vicious Attack][Energizing Chorus][There's Nothing to Fear][They're on Fire][Aria of Restoration][Ballad of Restoration][Defensive Anthem][/build]
    Template Code:
    Orientation: PvE
    Spear – Minor
    Leadership – Minor + Headpiece
    Motivation – Minor
    Explanation: 6 Shouts. Basically you’ll want to spam the heck out of ‘em. Abuse the Energizing Chorus bug to keep your energy in good condition. (As in, using an instant cast shout during the casting of EC. It gets the reduced energy part, but it doesn’t end EC.) Pair this baby with another Paragon that has some Finales and Mending Refrain, and you have some crazy support right there. It gets light on energy sometimes, so you might need to ease on up the spamming though.

    [build name="Motivator" prof=Paragon Command=8+1 Leadership=10+2 Motivation=12+2+1][Ballad of Restoration][Song of Restoration][Aria of Zeal][Anthem of Flame][Signet of Synergy][Glowing Signet][Fall Back][Leader's Comfort][/build]
    Template Code: OQCjYinMqOc41tGuCHjbx7YYMA
    Orientation: PvE
    Command – Minor
    Motivation – Major + Headpiece
    Leadership – Major
    Cycle through your shouts as I have described in the explanation for the Fissure Paragon build. It’s pretty much the same thing, just with an extra shout. I keep Glowing Signet in case I come up against e-denial (Roaring Ethers), but you can really put in any utility skill in that slot. Finale of X, Never Surrender, X Refrain, Res of choice, etc. Fall Back is for near party-wipes or when you accidentally bite off more than you can chew.
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    B]Squishy Defender[/B]
    [build name="Squishy Defender" prof=Paragon Leadership=12+2 Motivation=12+2+1][Ballad of Restoration][Aria of Zeal][Aria of Restoration][Defensive Anthem][Signet of Synergy][Finale of Restoration][They're on Fire][Sunspear Rebirth Signet][/build]
    Template Code: OQCicyo8wh1we4JcMOF3jx4A
    Orientation: PvE
    Motivation: Major + Headpiece
    Leadership: Major
    For those times where you just feel like going with a dual SF/MM hero setup. Since only 1 or two members of the party will (should) have attack skills, DA becomes pretty darn useful. BoR and AoR should be casted 10 seconds apart from each other, so that there is a party wide heal happening every 10 seconds. Hit AoZ every time it recharges, and DA when things get rough and you need some breathing room. SoS is your targeted heal, and slap FoR on whoever needs it. ToF is self-explanatory. The res can be anything really, I just put SRS cause I needed a rebirth-type res on that particular mission.

    [build name="Warchief" prof=Paragon/Warrior Leadership=9 Motivation=11 SpearMastery=8 Tactics=8][Soldier's Defense][Finale of Restoration][Watch Yourself][Purifying Finale][Anthem of Flame][Song of Restoration][Mending Refrain][Resurrection Signet][/build]
    Template Code: OQGkUhl45imzoOFzVWxV41tKWAA
    Orientation: PvP/PvE
    Explanation: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...d.php?t=442490

    Song of Purification Paragon
    [build name="Song of Purification Paragon" prof=Paragon Leadership=10+1+1 Motivation=10+1 SpearMastery=11+1][Vicious Attack][Spear of Lightning][Signet of Synergy][There's Nothing to Fear][Song of Purification][Anthem of Flame][Mending Refrain][Signet of Return][/build]
    Template Code:
    Orientation: PvE
    Spear – Minor
    Leadership – Minor + Headpiece
    Motivation – Minor
    Explanation: Pretty basic. AoF+MR as the group moves to get the everybody +3 regen. TNtF and SoS as necessary, and use SoP whenever available.
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    Wow, nice work there Fownkaymownkay. Great builds too :)

    Definately saving them all, hehe

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    While this looks like a great reference, since they are all graphics there is no way to cut and paste the builds. I'd love to try some of these out to see if it makes my Para enjoyable, but I obviously have no way to do that.

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    Heh, thanks. If you have any builds you'd like to add, PM me and I'll format the whole thing and give it to Auntie so that she can put it in the post.

    Ones I'm planning on adding soon: Stunning Strike Spearagon / TPIY Shouter / Aaand some other ones I can't remember right now.

    And Seamus: I'd do it right now, but the 1 hour editing time is up, so you'll have to wait until Auntie gets around to it. Or.. you could save her the trouble and just type them out yourself. It takes all of 10 seconds each, so if you could spare that much time for your paragon, it'd be juuuust lovely.
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    I notepadded the first five but now I have school;






    I'll type out the rest either at school or when I get home, doesn't take that long :)

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    Thanks Panda.

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