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    Quote Originally Posted by towely View Post
    Could Someone show a good Paragon Monk Build
    What would you want it to do? There are 3 a couple of posts ago but Im curious as to what you want the paragon/monk to do since a paragon can party buff, res and cause condition removal on its own. It can hex removal but you need to cast a spell [[Hexbreaker Aria] so there could be an issue there.

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    I quite like this build in caster heavy groups.
    [build name="Defensive Paragon" box prof=Paragon SpearMastery=9+1 Command=9+1 Leadership=12+1+1][Spear of Lightning][Vicious Attack][Go for the eyes][Defensive Anthem][Theres nothing to fear][stand your ground][aggressive refrain][signet of return][/build]

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    Okiedokie! I updated the posts in the thread that had corresponding builds. My apologies to rentauri for taking so long and also for making the posts with his work disappear. I figured it would be less confusing to have the builds in just one place, rather than two.

    I had a quick look at them as I worked, for the most part I don't think the skill changes we've had have broken any of the builds. Some aren't as wonderful as they were, but I think all of them are still playable and are certainly a good place for anyone looking for a decent build to start.

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    So... What would a sword/axe wielding paragon with offensive buff chants look like?

    EDIT: I suppose implied in that question would be the question of whether such a build is reasonable or useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackheartvandal View Post
    So... What would a sword/axe wielding paragon with offensive buff chants look like?

    EDIT: I suppose implied in that question would be the question of whether such a build is reasonable or useful.
    The following build is something we've used once or twice in GvG a while back when the serious PvPers in our alliance wanted a bit of practice (read: wanted some cannon fodder to slaughter).

    [build prof=P/W Leadership=10+1+1 Sword=12 Command=8+1][Barbarous Slice][Gash][Sun and Moon Slash][Spear Swipe]["Go for the Eyes!"]["Lead the Way!"][Soldier's Fury][Resurrection Signet] [/build]

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    here is a build i was planning on testing in GvG, but probably won't get a chance to. let me know what you think.

    [build name="TPiY! interrupter" prof=P/Me spearmastery=10+1+1 motivation=8+1 Leadership=9+1 domination=9][Signet of Return][Wild Throw][The Power is Yours!][Power Spike][Power Lock][Cry of Frustration][Anthem of Flame][Aggressive Refrain][/build]
    Note: can exchange Sig of Return for a different rez (i'm not sure of Sig of Return in GvG, but like the option of hard rez)
    Vigor and Clarity runes with Survivors or Centurion's insigs
    Vamp (main spear), elemental (vs. wars), furious (to help start up and remove degen when not attacking) spears of fortitude with Shields of fortitude with reduce blind, +armor vs damage types to taste.
    high energy staff for reapplication of cracked armor (i mean aggressive refrain).

    theoretical usage:
    autoattack targets to spam TPiY! and apply pressure on targets other than the ones your frontline is targeting.
    use interrupts as desired, noting the first 2 are anti caster only.
    use Cry when target is in a group, or for non spell/chant rupting.
    wild throw should be only used to remove stances when necessary
    AoF to keep up AR out of battle (TPiY should be sufficient in combat), or on recharge when in range of physicals with attack skills.

    TPiY should net you 6 energy (5 from Ldr, 1 from +1 pip for 3 secs) every ~ 5 seconds if able to keep up adrenaline gain with autoattacks (and not on a 4-4 split). this should provide the energy necessary for the more expensive interrupts, while also netting +1 energy per shout for all teammates in range. removal of blocking stances will allow your frontline to do their job better.
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    Alrighty so here is a P/R Barrager..I also have a different build of a Crit Barrage. Anywho..
    [Barrage][Distracting Shot][Hunter's Shot][Anthem of Envy][Leader's Zeal]["Never Surrender!"][Signet of Synergy][Sunspear Rebirth Signet]
    Command-8, Marksmenship-12, Motivation-10
    Those are the base anyway, obviously you can switch out the Rebirth Sig; I just prefer Rebirth. ["Never Surrender"] is easily exchanged for ["Go For the Eyes!"] or even [Anthem of Flame].

    This one is an Epigon.
    [Barbed Spear][Blazing Spear][Vicious Attack][Epidemic]["Go For the Eyes!"][Leader's Comfort][Drunken Master][Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support]
    Spear Mastery-12, Command-9,Leadership-9
    Yes, that's right there's no Elite in this build, which makes it great for beginning Paragon players with little skills available to them. Of course if you don't have EoTN the Drunken can be switched for [Aggressive Refrain] and [Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support] can be switched for a rez or even ["Help Me!"]

    Well let me know what you think of the builds. They've helped me out quite a bit. :) Even though I usually play an Imba. :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member junuh's Avatar

    hey can someone show me a good RA para build please?

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    GWOnline.Net Member


    Still useful?

    A lot of these paragon builds are looking really good, however, I'm not too sure about what's been buffed on the paragon, what's been nerfed and/or whether these builds are still pretty usable? If they are still highly recommended, I'll use the templates, but if not, are there any other good ones out there? I'm not trusting PvX Wiki much anymore, that place seems a tad outdated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by junuh View Post
    hey can someone show me a good RA para build please?
    Paras are inferior at RA because their primary attribute doesn't do much. If you insist on it though, take a look at the popular R/P condition builds for a starting point. So things like Barbed spear, Maiming Spear, Cruel spear, Anthem of flame, Disrupting Throw, maybe Heal as One. You get the idea.

    Edit: I'm retarded, I thought the post I quoted was the post that bumped the thread and didn't see Sal's post.

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