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    Quote Originally Posted by Fownkaymownkay View Post
    Come on guys, have there been NO new builds since GWEN came out? (Well, I know there have, but at least put em up here!)
    A nice little idea for you.

    I picked up Pehnsed's Spear for 2.5k... they just don't sell well...Changed to P/R and used Poison Tip Signet.

    For a small investment of 4 points, you can get 10s +33% 9 poison durtion, much longer than Apply Poison (6s +33% at the same level). This is effectively 104 dmg, compared to 63 from blazing spear (at 12 spear)

    Add barbed Spear which at 12 spear is 13s of bleeding and you have a foe with -7 degen for 13s. As I was a ranger secondary, I brought along a pet and the sunspear skill, never rampage alone. Add an IAS and an elite of choice and you have.....

    [build name="Paragon-Ranger" prof=Paragon/Ranger][Go for the Eye's][Barbed Spear][Cruel Spear][Aggressive Refrain][Poison Tip Signet][Never Rampage Alone][no skill][no skill][/build]
    [[Cruel Spear] is said to be replaced by [[Stunning Strike] if wanted and the "no skills" are pet skills of your choice.

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    From a different thread
    Quote Originally Posted by rentauri View Post
    [build name="Paragon-Warrior" prof=Paragon/Warrior Command=10+1 Leadership=8+1+1 SpearMastery=12+1][Holy Spear][Anthem of Weariness][Go for the Eyes][Save Yourselves][There's Nothing to Fear][Focused Anger][For Great Justice][Aggressive Refrain][/build]
    [[Spear of Redemption] is listed as can replace [[Holy Spear]
    [build name="Paragon-Ranger" prof=Paragon/Ranger Command=10+1 Leadership=8+1+1 SpearMastery=12+1 Wilderness Survival=3][Spear of Redemption][Holy Spear][Blazing Spear][Go for the Eye's][Anthem of Weariness][Serpent's Quickness][Focused Anger][Aggressive Refrain][/build]

    same point spread as the first build. This build is a basic rehash of the normal Critical Spears except it shows a couple of spear attack changes. Burning Spear can be flipped for Vicious Spear (especially if fighting Destroyers) or some other skill. With a powerful adrenaline cost 3 and 4 skill (both useful and powerful) it gets very easy to build up and throw out powerful attack skills.
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    Seen this one thrown about a lot lately:

    Save Yourselves
    Spear of Fury
    Aggresive Refrain
    Last 3 skills of your choice.

    Insanely effective, by the looks of it. Just look at the skills and the synergy should come to you.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Just started playing a Paragon this last month. Loving the class. Using in hard-mode is a thrill, especially with this build.

    [build name="Fiery Defender" prof=Paragon/Warrior Axe=12 Command=11 Leadership=11][Anthem of Flame][Go for the Eyes][Cyclone Axe][Whirlwind Attack][They're on Fire][Blazing Finale][Never Surrender][Aggressive Refrain][/build]
    His build has no listed elite but states [[Hundred Blades] can be added for a sword version for [[Cyclone Axe] or that [[Never Surrender] can be dropped for [[Triple Chop]
    Talk of changing out the following: [[Never Surrender] for [[Focused Anger]and [[Anthem of Flame] for either [[Save Yourselves] or [[There's Nothing to Fear]
    Still have very few skills for this character, need to find a skill slot for an elite skill.

    Basically Tanking and holding aggro by scorching and hitting everything adjacent to you, then ToF for ~30% damage reduction, the trick is to position yourself to scorch (Blazing Finale) the most enemy at each encounter. When done right, there's massive adrenaline gain, and you'll have a fun time keeping up with all the chant, shout, attacks flashing on your skill bar. Single target DPS is kinda weak, but single targets are seldom.

    Could substitue Triple Chop for Never Surrender, if you're confident of your healer, or someone else is running NS. Might just out-perform an AoE axe warrior, I'll have to try it out on the Master of Damage.
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    Drop Never Surrender for Focused Anger. Drop Anthem of Flame for some support like.. Save Yourselves if you have Factions. TNtF if you don't. If you don't like either of those, take whatever support skill you need for the situation.


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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Quote Originally Posted by Fownkaymownkay View Post
    Drop Never Surrender for Focused Anger. Drop Anthem of Flame for some support like.. Save Yourselves if you have Factions. TNtF if you don't. If you don't like either of those, take whatever support skill you need for the situation.

    Great info, Save Yourself should even help to turn the Fiery Defender build above into an excellent aggro magnet -- having the least armor in the group. Your two suggestions should just about complete a really fun build.

    Thanks : )

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    Sure, anytime. Don't be afraid to experiment though. There are plenty of Meleegon builds out there waiting to be used.

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    GWOnline.Net Member glorentson's Avatar

    My own Variation for a healing paragon.

    Depending on the situation i tend to reallocate my attributes,
    and therefore the attributes are totally up to you.

    [build name="healing paragon" prof=Paragon/Monk][Signet of Synergy][Infuse Health][Song of Restoration][Aria of Restoration][Anthem of Flame][Mending Refrain][Finale of Restoration][no skill][/build]
    [[Aria of Restoration] can be replaced by [[Ballad of Restoration]
    the no skill slot was [[Signet of Synergy] but its in the first slot, maybe a res.

    This build has worked very well for me in RA/TA/AB/HA/and limited GvG ( was used in a pick up game.)

    Have not tried on hero's but looks like it would work with very little micro-management.

    Make sure to keep up Mending refrain as well as Final Restoration. (If Brought)
    Spam chants when possible (i.e when they have recharged) this incudes anthem of flame.
    Use signet of synergy when needed,
    and Infuse health is your emergency heal, or to counter a spike.

    If ran properly you should be able to keep up a constant +3 health regen on most of your party.

    I hope that you can use this build too further help your GW experience as a healing paragon. If not i hope that you can gain inspiration for other builds

    Any feedback is welcome.
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    Well, you have 2 SoSs...

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    So, the Compendium was due for a little cleaning up, and a few more builds have been added. More to come soon, enjoy!

    Oh, and could you guys playtest this one: [build name="FoW Paratrooper" prof=Paragon Command=11 Leadership=10 SpearMastery=10][Blazing Spear][Merciless Spear][Leader's Comfort][Stand your Ground][Never Surrender][Lead the Way][Enduring Harmony][Soldier's Fury][/build]

    Saw it on PvX, but seeing as my Paragon isn't quite a Legendary Survivor yet, I can't playtest it myself without probably losing my title .

    Another request: Could somebody take a screenie of that SQ/Dwarf Stance build that gives TNtF 100% uptime? In the fashion that I've done the builds, I mean. (Like the FoW Paratrooper one above.) And then write up an explanation of it, etc? I'd also like a template code for it, if possible. Getting GWEN in only a few days.
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