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    What weekend events would you like to see?

    After some discussion about the weekend events in previous topics, some posters mentioned how they like the events, but how they like some more than others. I thought it would be interesting if we make a list with the events we would like to see again (or for the first time, if someone has a new idea).

    (I was going to make this a poll, but 10 options are not enough for all the kinds of special events we have had.)

    The events I would like to see, for example, would be:

    1) A repeat of the "Double Lightbringer and Sunspear Points" one.

    2) A repeat of the "Triple Green Drops" in Elona.

    3) A repeat of the "Triple Green Drops" in Cantha.

    4) A new one: Double Tome Drops in Hard Mode.

    5) A new one: Double Passage Scroll Drops in Hard Mode.


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    A rousing round of applause for #1 above.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ayarie's Avatar

    I would like to see weekend events that add something permenant. Not because i want to be greedy =p but at least i wont then miss out and ill have plenty of time to drag my 11 characters through them!

    1) Quests to expand the lore & storylines of cantha, Tyria & Elona.

    2) Shameless plug for my Summer Holiday Thread - something funny, laid back and involing alcoholic drinks ^_^

    3) Open UW/FoW Access.

    4) More Rollerbeetle weekends/Broadwalk.

    5) Id like to see some events that gave other rewards other than a healm .. to kind of replace the town clothes we didnt get.

    6) Maybe some events that caused Tombs turning PvE type events. New areas being discovered on the continents, even if they are only 1 zone big etc.

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    Repeat all, and do all the new things. I like your way of thinking!

    They should do atleast every weekend a event like this. It does not effect the economy or whatsoever so I dont see why not.

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    GWOnline.Net Member madape's Avatar

    None of them.
    I want a triple gold drops in everywhere.


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    Double SSpear and LB points, because I failed to abuse it last time.

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    I vote for the Triple Green drop in ALL continents.

    It is not a matter of whether ANet should continue with the weekend events or not. It is a matter of HOW the events should be conducted.

    I think we ought to feedback to ANet as to what we want and hopefully we would have the more popular events more often.

    Good thread!

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    Another dye drop weekend would work for me. My collection is not yet complete.

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    In no particular order...

    • Double Lightbringer and Sunspear Points
    • Double XP for Elite Skill Capping
    • Triple Green Drops (all campaigns)
    • Increased Dye Drops
    • Increased Passage Scroll Drops

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    free uw/fow weekend

    no lootscaling weekend

    pro gamer weekend where people with rank in gamer title can get better stuff with their victory tokens than others

    double tome/elite tome drops weekend

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