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    Post -= Bow Gallery v3.0 =-

    After many months of delay, and before the release of the next chapter (:p), today sees the advent of:

    -= The Bow Gallery v3.0 =-

    Where all bow skins known to man and related species are collected in one single place, with one single model showing them off (unless physical impossibility).

    The gallery is divided into four sub-categories, like thus:

    A. Prophecies Bows -- Skins one can find playing the GW:P campaign
    B. Factions Bows -- Skins one can find playing the GW:F campaign
    C. NightFall bows -- Skins one can find playing the GW:NF campaign
    D. Special Bows -- Skins one can only get through highly conditional means

    Note that many bows from category A are also available in Factions and NightFall. However, bows from category B and C do not exist at all in Prophecies. Some bows from category B are also available in NightFall.

    I have also included a list of all green weapons under the entry of the skin which they use. Stats are not the concern of this gallery, so they have been excluded. I'll thank everyone for not asking about it in here.
    Enjoy. :)

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    A. Prophecies Bows

    A.1. Ascalon (collector) Bow (also Flatbow and Longbow)
    Greens: Ahvha's Longbow, Chehbaba's Longbow, Meynsang's Longbow

    A.2. Shortbow (also Composite Shortbow)
    Special: Zehtuka's Shortbow (blue)

    A.3. Half Moon (also Ascalon Bow)
    Greens: Boulderbeard's Shortbow, Graygore's Shortbow, Urgoz's Shortbow

    A.4. Dragon Hornbow
    Greens: Tarnok's Recurve Bow, Jin's Hornbow, Vah's Hornbow

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    A.5. Stoneshard Hornbow (also 'Fleshy' Hornbow)
    Greens: Graygore's Zealous Shortbow, Royen's Hornbow

    A.6. Mursaat Hornbow

    A.7. Sturdy Recurve Bow (also Composite Bow)
    Greens: Drago's Vampiric Flatbow, Razortongue's Recurve Bow

    A.8. Feathered Longbow (also Feathered Flatbow)
    Greens: Forgerunner, Tarnok's Long Bow

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    A.9. Dead Bow (also Longbow)
    Greens: Gargash's Recurve Bow, Nundak's Recurve Bow, Saushali's Recurve Bow

    A.10. Ivory Bow
    Greens: Stinger, Thornbeard's Hornbow, Forgotten Flatbow, Forgotten Longbow, Forgotten Hornbow

    A.11. Shadow Bow
    Greens: Elswyth's Longbow, Elswyth's Recurve Bow,

    A.12. Storm Bow

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    A.13. Eternal bow

    A.14. Drago's Flatbow

    A.15. Rotwing Recurve Bow
    Greens: Rotwing Recurve Bow, Forgotten Recurve Bow (white), Forgotten Shortbow (white)

    A.16 Grinning Recurve Bow
    Greens: Mallyx's Longbow

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    B. Factions Bows

    B.1. Naga Shortbow
    Greens: Tenezel's Shortbow

    B.2. Naga Longbow
    Greens: Brrne's Recurve Bow, Bansheh's Longbow

    B.3. Bramble Shortbow (also Bramble Recurve Bow)
    Greens: Inallay's Hornbow, Ryver's Shortbow, Tundoss' Shortbow, Uhiwi's Shortbow

    B.4. Bramble Longbow (also Bramble Hornbow, Bramble Flatbow)
    Greens: Chkkr's Flatbow, Seedborn Flatbow

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    B.5. Jade Longbow
    Greens: Lorelle's Longbow

    B.6. Amber Longbow
    Greens: Urgoz's Flatbow

    B.7. Platinum Bow
    Greens: Deatheater Longbow

    B.8. Plagueborne Bow (Several bow types but one single skin)
    Greens: Stygian Recurve Bow

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    B.9. Celestial Bow (Several bow types but one single skin)

    B.10. Ironwing Bow (Either Flatbow or Longbow)

    B.11. Zodiac Bow (Longbow type only)

    B.12. Urgoz's Longbow
    Greens: Urgoz's Longbow

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    C. NightFall Bows

    C.1. Caged Shortbow
    Greens: Chiggen's Shortbow

    C.2. Bladed Recurve Bow
    Greens: Custo's Hornbow

    C.3. Spiked Recurve Bow

    C.4. Vabbian Shortbow (also Vabbian Recurve Bow)
    Greens: Benwah's Recurve Bow

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    C.5. Vabbian Longbow (also Vabbian Hornbow, Vabbian Flatbow)

    C.6. Azure Shortbow (also Azure Recurve Bow)
    Greens: Bolten's Recurve Bow, Mallyx's Recurve Bow

    C.7. Aureate Longbow
    Greens: Bearer's Longbow

    C.8. Skull Shortbow (also Skull Recurve Bow)

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