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    Help with armour locations

    Am playing Prophecies, need help with locations for better armour than ascalon, am at lions arch. The armour database I think is out of date as there is only basic armour at Lion Arch. I know there are runs to Donks but is there anywere else to get better armour, would like any help please.

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    There is only basic armor everywhere now.
    Very recently there was an update that changed all armor in factions and prophecies to use the new Nightfall system of Insigina. That means you buy an armor and can put any kind of insignia in them (you get insignia from the rune trader)

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    If you have Factions or Nightfall then you can get max armor fairly quickly by travelling to either of them from Lions Arch.

    Failing that and playing the game without being run, the next locations with better armor are Bergen Hot Springs, Quarrel Falls, Ventari's Refuge and Henge of Denravi.

    If, however, you want to take a small detour, then you can get run to Sanctum Cay and just outside in Stingray Strand you can find an armorer that crafts a selection of armor for all professions except, I believe, for Ranger.

    The armor is the same AL as you would get from The Amnoon Oasis, which you would reach by doing the Sanctum Cay mission anyway.

    After Amnoon the next best set is at Droknar's Forge.

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    Do insigina change the look of the armour? can you still get plate, scall etc, if so were do you get them from and whot is AL short for.
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    AL is short for armor level. Higher is better, of course.

    Insignias don't change the looks of the armor at all, just the stats.

    The style of armor available is going to vary by location. Platemail is available in Droknar's Forge for the normal version or Granite Citadel for the elite version. Note that normal and elite armors have the same stats, but one looks different and costs much more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelF View Post
    Do insigina change the look of the armour? can you still get plate, scall etc, if so were do you get them from and whot is AL short for.
    Nope looks stay the same (thats the beauty of the new update, cool looking armor with whatever insignia you want rather than being limited.)

    Plate and such armor is still available in the same locations as before, if your looking for max armor in prophesies, you want to go to droknars forge.
    AL is short for armor level I believe, it stands for the amount of armor, eg. AL60 for max elementalist armor.

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