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    The only issue with him jumping back and forth between the two is that, and I can't recall the source for the existence of me, I think it's been mentioned he's the captain of the Seraph Guard which deals with mostly Krytan affairs. Depending on the way their rankings work, this may not be a very high status, but I kind of doubt that, myself.

    I also think the Edge of Destiny will cover this bit, but what may also be considered is that Logan's parents may have had several children, some of which remained in Ebonhawke or left to Kryta, to make a life for the rest of them, should they ever decide to give up the effort.

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    It's possible that the decendants(sp?) split up, with some dedicating themselves to Ebonhawk, and others to Kryta. It's just interesting that there's such a big deal about Gwen and Keirnan founding Ebonhawk, and yet Logan, a primary NPC for GW2, has such high standing somewhere else entirely. I'm interested in seeing how that all played out.

    This, among other things, has me wanting Edge of Destiny more than Ghosts of Ascalon.

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    Logan is the leader of the Seraph Guard. It seems that Captain is a very high rank in Tyria (continent - as Cantha/Zaishen has generals but no mention of such in Tyria)

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    So as a fairly new player to Guild Wars who's gotten somewhat into the lore, I have a question regarding the end of prophecies.

    Did the volcano actually explode? Glint says
    Quote Originally Posted by Glint
    "You have saved Tyria, but now you must also save yourselves. The volcano is about to erupt."
    If so, what happened to the door that we just closed? Is it now buried unter lava? Does this deny the possibility of seeing the Fire island chain again in GW2?

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    Dii, TRUE

    Lore is not my speciality, but I looked this up. I think she just meant the volcano on the Ring of Fire erupted. The islands still exist in GW 2, so we'll probably see them again.

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    And while I'm very late to respond to this (my apologies!), I would like to add that we do not know whether or not the Door of Komalie is even capable of being buried under lava. Being a gateway into the Mists, straight into the Foundry of Failed Creations of the Domain of Anguish, it's obviously highly magical, and may, for all we know, repel objects from directly blocking or covering it up. So, it may have been buried under lava, the lava hardened, and now it's in a cave...But we don't know.

    The eruption, as RDarken noted, doesn't invalidate the possibility of revisiting the Ring of Fire Islands Chain, but from interviews with the developers that I unfortunately do not have on hand, we have been told we will not be going there, at least at release of Guild Wars 2.

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