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Thread: Warrior or Monk

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    Warrior or Monk

    School is almost over, and sadly, I'm stuck on the stage where I'm trying to decide what class I want to play. I think I've narrowed it down to a warrior or a monk, W/E for the former, and Mo/Me for the latter.

    Anyways, I was just wondering which class you guys think is more fun and versatile. I'm mainly looking towards PvP as opposed to PvE, so the PvE aspects won't matter as much to me, although it could still count. :)

    I do realize I'm posting this in the warrior forums, but I'll be posting in both the warrior and the monk forums to look for varying perspectives. I'd prefer that you have played both professions when commenting on them, but if you've only played one, your thoughts are very much appreciated as well.

    So, whatever you have to say, I'm all ears.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Glydan are you the Glydan that was in ARK for a little while? This is Cool Guy Matt. Anyway, I personally prefer the Warrior, but I love the Monk in Hard Mode. Basically because I have the ability to keep people alive, whereas other monks I have met tend to suck as far as monks go except for a select few. I enjoy the warrior for the exact opposite, I can take damage and deal damage straight back at the same time. So you'll have to play on both of them to see what you like more. Try creating both, and then stick with what you end up liking. I play them both near equally, but my warrior is my title hunter. Good luck to you!

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    Wow, definitely a small world, huh.
    I am that Glydan. =P
    Thanks for the view points. ^^

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    For PvP I'd choose the warrior. They do very good dps, plus monks are one of the first spiked in pvp.

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    well this is the warrior forum so it will be biased towards Warriors. I do not like playing GW as a Monk.

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    If you have good reflexes and a speedy internet, pick Monk. But don't jump into PvP right away, I'd first monk around in PvE for a while to get the feel of the skills before heading to PvP.

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    Like most people have said already, Monks can expect to get spiked and otherwise abused first in PvP. Warriors have the advantage of often being underestimated (thanks to 'Sins an Dervishes) and are a reliable source of DPS. Just don't try to tank.

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    I've logged more than my fair share of time on both through the game.

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    Well both are the core classes of the PvP world. Make one of each, then you can switch depending on what is needed. BTW, a Mesmer secondary on a monk is no longer the common secondary for PvP. Your prob better off with Mo/E for GoLE for E-managment or Mo/A or Mo/W for stances or shadow stepping. W/E is good for the Conjor Enchant, but nothing else. Don't be afraid to go W/Mo either, mending touch in PvP works wonders.

    If you've never monked before, your gonna need a lot of practice, takes a while to get the hang of. Warriors have less of a learning curve, well a less deadly learning curve.

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    This is the warrior forum, so yes this following opinion is probably biased but here it goes anyways. I think overall a warrior is fairly versatile, and just easier to run and play with than a monk, with the ability to absorb alot of damage and dish out a fair bit in return. However monks, while challenging to play, can certainly breathe fresh life into the game experience and you will never be lacking for a group.

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