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    allow for trading of UN-ID'd runes at traders

    title says it all...

    it may be technically not-feasible... i don't know how an un-id'd rune is flagged in the GW database... but it be a MAJOR improvement..

    we already have rune traders, who's prices fluctuate based on PLAYER-DRIVEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND, and un-id'd runes would sell like hotcakes! (excuse the out-dated slang )

    i know when i was first attempting to unlock as much as i could for my account, i would spam "WTB UN-ID'D RUNES"...if they were at the trader i woulda gladly dumped countless platinum pieces on them...

    and now that i dont worry about unlocking... every time i get a rune (a piece of salvage that is purple or gold... i expert salvage it...sometimes i don't get a rune, but its rare) i put it in my storage un-id'd...and every time im in town i try to sell them..to no luck =/

    so ya, moral of the story is... allow for un-id'd runes (and i guess now insignias) to be traded at the Rune Trader NPC

    EDIT:: the only problem i can think of is the way un-id'd runes are handled in the database...

    there are only 2 hypothetical ways i can think about this: 1.when a rune drops (the salvage item) the server at THAT EXACT point in time makes a proverbial /random 100 roll, to see what it is, and then for the rest of that entire items lifespan (until it is destroyed) it is flagged as a "____RUNE OF ___". that would make it tough because every time an un-id'd rune gets sold to a trader the trader has to denote what kind of rune the server intended it to be... that would effectivly kill any chance for a seamless transition for the trader.

    situation 2: at the time the rune itself gets ID'd (whether its still in its raw salvage item form, or in its refined rune form).. THATS when the server randomly chooses what type of rune it will be.. that way would effectivly allow for seamless transitions into UN-ID'd runes at Traders
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    Items are all handled exactly the same in Guild Wars. The instant they drop, they've already got the stats it will hold on to for life. The only thing this would do would allow the Wisdom title to instantly be bought off of Rune traders, rather than through actual playing of the game (even buying rare items from other players takes time). From that, nothing will really change.

    Just identify them and move on. Or if a friend needs to boost their Wisdom title, give them a spare unidentified Superior rune.

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    or they could make runes have a basic buy price of 50g, so even if your rune is un-id'd you can still sell it for 50g.
    this might also fix the problem of some runes being worthless, they can still make you 50g even when it's useless ^^

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    If a rune is worthless, take it to the merchant instead of the rune trader. At lest you still get something there

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