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    Help with increasing damage

    For my hydromancer build I would like to increase the damage done.
    Water Magic 12 but modified to 14
    Energy Storage 10
    Healing Prayers 4 (really, this is just all left over points)

    My skills are
    Water Attenument
    Deep Freeze does 80 damage
    Ice Spikes does 76
    Shard Storm does 80
    Glyph of Energy - this is for my next skill
    Maelstrom 24 damage for 10 seconds
    Aura of Restoration
    Restore Life

    I am doing well with this, however, I was wondering how to increase the damage done. I tried glyph of elemental power and didn't really care for it. Would you suggest any combination of runes? I do have 15k variant hydro armor and a flints wand and flint artifact. I don't really want to start buying expensive runes yet and not know if they will benefit me, or bring down my life. That is the only other option that I can think of. Any advice would be helpfull.

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    GWOnline.Net Member arredondo's Avatar

    Go El/As and sub in Augury of Death with a few DA points. That adds -100 damage to any build plus it reduces healing.

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    ice spear and shatterstone are the skills you want for dps in water magic.

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    yeah, but ice spear doesn't do as much damage as the other skill, plus it only works at half range and I don't want water trident cause I like the elite glyph. I only have prophecies, but I do plan on buying the others, for those other skills. Really I was wondering about runes and how to effectively add them without compromising other stuff.

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    I will most likely be using shatterstone and vapor blade though when I upgrade.

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    ok well, I couldn't wait. I bought a superior water magic rune and now my water magic is like 16. I also got something that made my health go up by 10 and I got the superior one that makes my health go up 50 so overall I only lost like 15 health. Now everything does 10 more damage and with the glyph of elemental power deep freeze and shard storm can do 100, but should iI even use it. I like having the glyph of energy with maelstrom, but glyphs don't stack plus 2 glyphs takes up a lot of space, anyone have ideas?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Marveric's Avatar

    Glyph of Energy is bad, with only one exhaustion skill you don't need the no exhaustion effect. In that case Glyph of Lesser Energy can potentially save more energy than Glyph of Energy, and it isn't even elite.
    Although really, you shouldn't be using Water Magic to do damage.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ryuko's Avatar

    Water magic doesn't have amazing elites when it comes to damage in Prophecies, so I would usually suggest Shatterstone.

    What I'd do; take out Glyph of Energy and Aura of Restoration, throw in Glyph of Lesser Energy and maybe Ward Against Harm for some protection for your fellow casters, or Water Trident.

    Also, try to edit your posts if you want to add something, it's less of a hassle for everyone.

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    I will be blunt. There is nothing wrong with having utility at the cost of some damage. In fact, Guild Wars in general (especially in PvE) would be better off if we put utility over damage.

    Most classes (especially Eles) are forced into this mindset that they must be able to singlehandedly kill every foe they come up against in under 20 seconds. If everyone took a build that was half damage half utility, foes would still drop quick from the collective damage of the team, but more importantly everyones lives would be easier thanks to the HUGE benefits of utility.

    The game would be significantly more fun if everyone used more utility, as well as significantly more adaptive and much stronger overall. Foes drop fast regardless of whether or not your build is pure damage with no utility. But those builds with utility (conditions, snares, disabling Hexes, Prots, Heals, spirits, enchants, interrupts etc) will be much sturdier and live longer.

    ......ahem.....err....sorry about that, it was building up for a while. No hard feelings to anyone in particular, this was kinda pointed at the game itself.



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    Still, I think I've done well. I know I'm not gonna bomb as well as a fire ele, but I'm sure that the warrior on the front line appreciates that I'm giving it as much as I have. Besides, wouldn't you want any team member to be getting the most out of the build they chose? That's all I'm trying to do. As for the Elite Glyph/ Maelstrom combo, I think it does well saving me the 25 energy and exhaustion. Also, my flints wand and flints atrifact give me a total of 40%chance faster skill recharge, and I find I am bombing with it a lot. I just don't want it to build up. I might expirement a bit more with glyph of elemental power as it makes deep freeze and shard storm do 100 damage for me. (As a hydromacer this is very exciting for me, lol)

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