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Thread: Team arena?

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    Team arena?

    So I just recently started to play TA. I've figured out that I basically suck at it real bad. : But I do want to get better! So I was just wondering, does anyone have a good build for TA, or pointers on what you want in a TA build? And how about tactics? what are some good ideas for an assassin in TA, other than kiting and not being stupid, the usual? Thanks in adavance!

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    well, 4 SF Phoenix Spikers is always amusing :P

    or 3 SF and an AP Nuker, for the Mimic effect.

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    4 shadow form deadly arts sins is I hear effective. shadow prison spikers are the commonest TA sin build, followed by random crap with which I can't work out why anyone would let them in their team, using elites ranging from palm strike to shadow meld, followed by moebius strike builds.

    for shadow prison tips... don't under-estimate auto-attacking. Run shadow prison-tiger stance-bls-hoto-bss-bos-impale-res sig if you expect to kill monks themselves. Auto-attack monks but spike their teammates first. Look out for spirits of displacement. Punish over extension mercilessly. Anticipate which players will have distorition, hex breaker, etc and avoid them (unless you run siphon speed/expose). Careful observation in the pre match staring contest will help with this, distortion excepted, as will knowing every variant of the cookie-cutter builds. Keep as far away from necros as humanly possible and stay well back while the teams engage in general. Don't auto-attack bsurges or curses necs etc - they're not perfect and are more likely to forget about you until it's too late. Exploit the weakness of builds requiring LoS mercilessly. Take a 15/-5 spear and +30 health shield swith, with +10AL vs lightning, fire, slashing and piercing as most important other mods. You can always be doing something useful even if hexed up with ss+price+reckless or something - bodyblock enemy melee going for your monk, draw aggro from wanderlust/pain etc and dodge their projectiles and so on. Don't gimp your build even slightly for self heals; reduce pressure by increasing it or with utilities like disrupting dagger if you have free slots (ignore if running a DH mo/w or similar). SP sins like to spike other SP sins; anticipate this and cause them to waste their spike by SPing to a distant enemy and unloading yours - even better, let the other SP sin go first on an ally then spike them yourself, this will also disrupt their chain with hoto.

    That's all that comes straight to mind right now.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Offatwork's Avatar

    A) Don't bother with +armor mods (other than the spear/sheild cran was talking about) on your armor. Go with added health instead; it will help the monk a lot more.

    B) Kiting is your best defense; learn how to pre-kite. Avoid self heals and self protection skills because they don't help your team. If you want to bring a self defense skill, find one that will increase your speed; something like Dark Escape would be good for this.

    C) Try not to waste damage. This goes in both directions, do not overkill a target and do not waste time trying to penetrate a target with something like SoR (Signet of Rejuvination) or PS (Protective Spirit). Don't overkill a target because that wasted damage could have gone to someone else to make the battle go faster. Don't bother trying to penetrate something like PS because then you are just having their monk spend their energy wisely; you want the enemy monk to waste energy and not be effective.

    D) EVERYONE can be a viable target. This means warriors, and etc. Remember this. I'll give you an example: A Warrior overextends to attack your monk. Your team decides to spike this overextended Warrior. The Warrior does not die, but it pulls his monk up to the frontlines to heal him. Their monk is now vulnerable to a spike. See how it works?


    A) While it's fun, and effective, playing an SP sin, try adding some utility in your build to assist the monk. Currently I've been using Blinding Powder and Caltrops to assist and it's working wonderfully (We also have an ele with utility as well). Assassin utility isn't always considered the best, but it definitly helps the monks. If you decided to bring along Entangling Asp, try to interrupt a Warrior attack chain with it (much like an Elementalist would try to do with Gaile).

    Save your true spikes for when the Warrior calls his spikes (so you can assist him). A lot of the Assassin combo skills allow for some added effects -cripple, stance removal, enchantment removal, et cetera- these effects can help the Warrior punch a hole in the target's head.

    B) While Lead - offhand - dual attack doesn't provide the same amount of damage that the offhand - dual - offhand - dual combo does, it allows for the Assassin to bring some utility; remember this.

    My two cents.

    Edit: Forgot one more thing, AoD is a wonder drug when it comes to assist spiking. It allows you to quickly, and only breifly, expose yourself on the frontlines for when you need to assist.
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    Hmmm. So if I understand what I've read, then I'm a total nub when it comes to TA. When I was doing it I was running ...
    Falling Spider
    Twisting fangs/BoS
    Dark Escape
    Healing Breeze
    and rez

    Ok, so no healing breeze. Got it. I only have factions, so thats a disadvantage, but instead of SP, dark prison is almost the same, just not as drastic, and non-elite.
    Umm lets see.
    I think most of it though is either
    1. The way that I am playing
    2. The team I am on.

    I've just been going by myself and joining a team, and its seems like everyone wants to rely on me to kill everyone on the team, then they get mad at me when I try...and die.
    I think it might be smarter to get some guildies.
    I think my playing is poor just because I have only played TA once or twice, and don't know any stragtegies/tactics. So I'll work on that, thanks guys.

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    I run with all + Health insignias, and a set of zelaous and vampiric daggers, 15^50, +30hp. Superior Vigour, Minor Dagger Mastery, Minor Crit Strikes. All the res are optional (runes of restoration, clarity, vitae, Deadly arts).

    15 Dagger
    13 Critical
    3 Deadly Arts

    Unsuspecting Strike
    Leaping Mantis Sting
    Wild Strike
    Shattering Assault
    Critical Strike
    Res signet.

    Spam your skills to either Shatter or Critical, both dealing very high damage. Shattering Assualt pwns monks using Frenzied Defence, i got 360 damage one time :).

    Use your lead attack, off hand attack and when against a prot monk, wait for yourself to call a spike on that target with Shattering and Impale, followed by your teammates helping with skills like Ancestor's Rage or Lightning Orb.
    Youre more likely to kill if they hit after your impale than before.

    Leaping Mantis costs only 5 energy and cripples, so use that when the monk is trying to run away. Use Dash to make it more effective.

    When the monk has been killed go straight for another source of healing or weakest target and bring it down ASAP. This build is designed to prey on the enemies mistakes, and can clear a team extremely quickly after the Monk is down.

    Suggested Teamates:

    Weapon of Remedy Ritualist, with just Channeling and Restoration to supply damage on spikes and healing when not.

    Burning Arrow Ranger, to pressure the whole team, forcing monks to spread their healing/ protection. A couple of consecutive interupts on a Monk can easily cause their death.

    B-Surge Elementalist, to shutdown enemy Melee targets and assist in Spikes with an L-orb or such.

    Zealous Benediction Monk, to keep you alive ^^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylorn Rashu View Post
    ... I only have factions, so thats a disadvantage...
    That rules out shattering assault.

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    aod is better suited to gvg than ta, the mobility is largely wasted. Moebius strike is imo your best bet, or perhaps temple strike.


    13 critical strikes
    12+ dagger mastery
    rest depends on free slots

    moebius strike
    death blossom
    horns of the ox
    res sig
    4x free slots, e.g. critical defenses+siphon speed+black lotus strike+flurry. critical defenses can be very useful in ta.

    temple strike I can't really do, I haven't played it in a long time.

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    My most used combo these days...

    16, 15, or 14 Dagger Mastery
    13 Critical Strikes
    3 - 7 in whatever

    Leaping Mantis Sting
    Exhausting Assault
    Moebius Strike
    Horns of the Ox
    Twisting Fangs

    The last three slots can be anything -
    Dash, Rez, Frenzy (Tiger Stance if you want to be safe), Recall, (Restfull Breeze, Deadly Paradox, Feigned Neutrality, Shadow Walk) are the ones I use the most.

    The build pretty much have a bit of everything.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Thao's Avatar

    Why would you run Healing Breeze when you can get Resting Breeze, unless you want to be able to attack while healing, but that's what Shadow Refuge is for.

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