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    Why Are We Fighting

    [ROSE] LF euro Alliance

    I am Why Are We Fighting, officer of The Black Rose Rebellion [ROSE], and I am here to tell the world that our guild is looking for an alliance.

    We are a laid-back, allround and social-based guild of ~80 members, have a fully supplied hall and much experience in both PvE and PvP. We currently are the leaders of a Kurzick alliance (but we don't care for factions) with 4 other guilds of roughly 20-30 members each, and we run weekly events, like setting up a team for FoW, fighting from Droks to Beacons, and the Rose Elite, our very own in-guild 1vs1 tournament.

    We are looking for an alliance, because recently, our GvG-team split from our guild and alliance, because of tensions between certain members of the GvG-team and a couple of guildies. I hope you can understand, losing ~15 members is quite a blow. However, the most of us remain, and we are recovering slowly but steadily. Some have returned, and a few new recruits have filled the gaps. We have been looking for an alliance for some time, but after the split it has become apparent we now really need one, to give us some time to solve the remaining issues within the guild, while not having to bother about in-guild-issues of our allies. Also, it would be great to be in an alliance of likeminded guilds of roughly the same size as ours, so that we can host/join some alliance-wide events, like our own weekly events.

    In short, we are looking for a laid-back alliance to join.

    Things that we really want:
    - European
    - Like-minded, medium to large-sized guilds

    Things we would like:
    - Kurzick
    - Alliance-wide events

    Things we don't care about:
    - Kurzick Factions or Owning an Outpost

    If you would want us as allies, feel free to contact me (Why Are We Fighting) or our leader (Aeolian Machina) in-game or leave a message on our forums: http://blackroserebels.6.forumer.com/
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    Seem to me that "Alliance Nirvana" is exactly the alliance you are looking for.


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