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    A good secondary?

    I'm confused on what would be a good secondary for my PvE dervish. I see some builds here, but I'm still undecided on what would be a good, powerful secondary profession and a good build to go with it. I see dervishes going for /W for more power, /Mo could be for healing, /N for the ability to MM, and /Me for the powerful disprupts.

    What are your thoughts and if you could, please post a build to go along with the secondary you reccomend.

    Thanks in advance!

    (if you want it)

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    W secondary will get you stances and shouts, not more power. The warrior also has interrupts better suited for a melee build than a mesmer has.

    Mo as secondary wont get you an efficient heal because of lack of divine favor and you have to spread out your points too much, the dervish has enough healing, but a hard rez might come in handy. ( but flesh of my flesh (ritualist) would be better because of the high hp a D has.

    N secondary for mm is bad because you cannot get the +4 from runes and headpiece so you minions are too weak. Plague touch is good for condition removal.

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    /W stances, wild blow, shouts

    /N Mark of Pain, Barbs, Orders, plague touch

    /Me hex removal, energy management

    /Mo hex removal, hard rez, condition removal, great enchantments

    /E energy maintanence (glyphs), wards, enchantments

    /P shouts/chants/echos, condition removal

    /R pet, apply poison, stances

    I have a D/Mo, really you don't need a 2ndary. I will go healing using Signet of Pious Light, Reversal of Fortune for 1.25 second free healing. Instant recharge (just about anyway). Vital Boon + the monk equivalent + imbune health is good mass healing for 1 ally.

    I'm still experimenting with my dervish, so I won't give you a build. So far anything works in PvE, but nothing I've come up with is worth keeping yet.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    agreeed with OP

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    Well, now I'm stuck between either Mesmer (disruption) or Ranger (for pet). Which is better?

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    I don't think using Mesmer interrupts is a good idea on a Dervish...

    Pets aren't really useful for damage either without a high investment in to Beast Mastery, which you can't really afford with a Dervish. Also Dervish bars are normally tight so squeezing in 2 skills for a pet alone isn't that great.

    I use /W for Wild Blow or /P for GftE mostly in PvE. Sometimes /A for Signet of Malice, Shadowy Burden in PvP, or for Arcane Zeal/Dancing Daggers spamming builds.

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    I use /Mo for Reversal of Fortune (it's free at 15 mysticism) and Mending Touch. Removing two conditions from yourself is a great ability to have.
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