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    Whirlwind attack is a very useful spell for the dervish. I use AoE scythe attacks, combined with WA and damage enchants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laugm View Post
    a good assumption would be whatever is last on the enchant, hex, condition (form) list would give the damage effect (or maybe form > enchantment so it'll still be earth)
    but anyway avatar of melandru's duration is quite bad and costs a ton of energy (and it only gives you +100 max health and invulnearability to conditions, whats to stop an ele boss from hitting you with 308 dmg liquid flame? the fire ele boss in dasha vestibule)
    Are you implying that Avatar of Melandru is bad?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kendel's Avatar

    Its bad for general PvE. Its a great skill for PvP sure... not an ideal choice for PvE in most cases. Very few exceptions like Shards of Orr.

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    I found /R to be a good secondary to begin with - opting to use a pet for a condition/e-management build. It was pretty good. I don't really use my secondary now though since I run a "pure derv" Avatar of Balth build with Eternal Aura.

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