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    Armor for you Mouse or Cat

    A series of pics for those of you needing to put armour on that pet of yours.
    Well, that's if you happen to have a Cat or Mouse. And one that needs armour for some reason.
    Cats and Mice
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    I bet I could fit my chihuahuas in the armor.

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    This...is just too freaking awesome!
    Almost made me want to get a pet just to put armor on it.

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    I agree, it is very amusing, you see people with animal clothing and such, but never animal armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn Effer View Post
    I bet I could fit my chihuahuas in the armor.
    omg do it. And take pictures!!

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    ... that is so freaking awesome. Battle cat wins every fight! No more strays around my house, and even the dogs better stay off our lawn!

    Well, except that my cat would kill me if I tried to get that on him. And if I did manage it, he'd try to bite it off.

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    At least the mouse stuff is new (I'm old school)

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    Awwwwww.... Poor hamster...

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    I want that samurai siamese for Poes!

    Samurai Pizza Cats!
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