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    Newer Player looking for Guild (casual, friendly, and fun)

    I'm a new player to guild wars and i'm looking for a new guild to join. The first one i was recruited into, apparently are all staying pre-searing which I do not want to do.

    I am looking for a guild of friendly people willing to help a new player out and just generally have fun. I try to be "active" and get on for at least an hour each day but I am not always able to get on for hours each day. Full time job and ect. have alot of to with that.

    Thanks for anyone that replies!

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    Hi, you might want to put up a little more detail about yourself, such as the server you are on, your usual playing time, and preferred type of play.

    If you're on the American servers you can check out Aequitas Deis [AD] and chat with us and see if we have a match. My IGN is "Brutus V", feel free to find me in game!
    Looking for a mature, fun Luxon allied guild? Join Aequitas Deis [AD]

    Aura of Fun / Brutus V / Fun N Games
    Minerva Kvaerner / Sling Fling / [PvP slot]

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