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    Unhappy Now I remember why I got a D in Art... I suck!

    My rubbish attempt

    Well... basically... I, erm... reinstalled my Graphire and took yet another try at using it... and this was the best I could come up with. OK, admittedly I only set aside a couple of hours to do it and I was semi distracted by a game invite on my Xbox, but to be honest... it is rubbish, don't you think? Basically I was trying to sketch up an idea I had... something that wasn't a superhero - because superheroes are a bit... meh in my opinion - but had some form of power. I was going to make this guy an aeromancer, but I screwed up the hand and just made him a pryomancer instead.

    And yes... I hate drawing hands.

    And the whole Aeromancer/Pyromancer idea wasn't nicked from GW... the Air/Earth/Fire/Water magic concept has been part of a few videogames. And Captain Planet, even if they did have an extra element (Heart) in that one.

    Soooo... judging from that pants effort (one of quite a few), what do you reckon: Give up and stick to small pixel art or keep trying?

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    Keep trying. Everyone has his/her own style. Some people will like your work, some people won't but what matters most is that you enjoy creating. Also keep in mind that negative comments are NOT constructive criticism.

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    I saw a mural done on the side of a building in New York City once, and the figures were just like that. It was awesome. Not bad art, just a different style. So why not keep it up, if you like doing it?

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    you'll never get anywhere if you give up, even if it's for a pasttime (at the moment), like art.

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    Arts not about good or bad. Its about another world, stepping outside the box and looking where ever you feel to cast your eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ju Smurph View Post
    Arts not about good or bad. Its about another world, stepping outside the box and looking where ever you feel to cast your eyes.
    That's deep. And true.

    Keep going, I've seen much worse, whether you're Michael Angelo or a six year old kid with crayons as long as you enjoy it keep going. The style is really cool too. Best of luck.

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    Nice one, keep at it!

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    Keep at it if you enjoy it. Just remember that the human form is probably the hardest thing to draw; people spend years perfecting it, so don't be too discouraged.

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    all i can say is meh better than my attempts

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    I'm an artist as far as talent and I even study art and its many forms. Art is about self expression and feeling. Many styles come into play along with culture and emotion. Great artist begin with the smallest sketches of their expression, keep going and keep expressing your ideas. Let your imagination take root.

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