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    Why is everyone choosing Health over Armor?

    Seems like everybody in GvG have at least 500 health. I thought it's experimentally proven armor reduces more damage than health.

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    Armor reduces base damage and elemental damage, of which most damage in GvG is not. Bonus damage ignores armor, mesmer damage ignores armor, degen ignores armor, and so on. Health works against all of this, however.

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    Low end of health on casters is usually 585 health, so it's quite a bit more than 500. It's been increased every chapter that comes out, since so far each one has added roughly 50 extra max health as an option for upgrades.

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    Health is good vs spike.

    +Damage from attacks ignore armor
    Many popular mesmer skills ignore armor
    Degen goes around armor

    Health is reliable, +armor is not

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    Just like some said, higher health can counter a bit more then +armor.

    however wants to add a few things on this.
    most armors can't have +armor vs everything. most are +armor vs elemental or vs physical. most gvg builds are doing both physical and elemental damage.
    on a sword/axe you can choose between +5 armor or +30hp. this +5 armor is vs everything what isn't armor ignoring. the +30hp is more reliable against a lot more and especialy when they spike.
    the +5 armor will do a bit better against melee training till they are going to spike you.

    I mostly have some sets nowaday where only my shields have different mods off +armor and the extra sword and staff has 20% longer enchant, but don't use this much.

    Most guilds where the rank is above 1500 aren't that stricktly about starting health, while guilds around the rank below are mostly stricktly with minimum starting health. Some have minimum starting health off 550+, some goes to 600+ starting health.
    As a caster you are able to push your health to 630 or even 650 health by weapset and armor. it only depends on the needed runes on your armor.
    2 minor runes of something makes your health go to 650.
    3 minor runes lowers it to 640. (mostly the starting health the infuser has)

    sword and axe warriors have around this health also, but hammer warriors have lower health, mostly 610 to 620 at max. (try to spike them down quick with their 80 armor)

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    If armor is so unimportant, why don't we all just run IW and slash through our enemies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurviverX View Post
    I thought it's experimentally proven armor reduces more damage than health.
    Not that surprising consider max health has no effect on damage taken.

    Quote Originally Posted by SurviverX View Post
    If armor is so unimportant, why don't we all just run IW and slash through our enemies?
    IW ignores armour. It's one of just two things it has going for it, the other being it ignores block/miss. However if IW was 80-90 dps rather than about 30 it may actually see play. Seriously, 20 lower base AL than a warrior is the very last of IW's problems.

    There's more to consider than merely 40 health vs 10 (conditional, though potentially as good as unconditional e.g. centurion's) armour, 5 armour vs 30 health. The armour stacking cap gives AL-boosting equipment an advantage it never used to have. Then again, consider viable methods of increasing armour and max health. Fertile Season, melandru and vital weapon are the only options for max health, for armour there's perhaps shield of regeneration, watch yourself, stand your ground, shield of deflection, disc stance, armour of mist and for projectils shields up!. I guess fertile season is 15AL too. Armour boosting is easier really; vital's powerful but a potential timebomb and communing is a bit of a wasteland outside of 4v4 or with multiple rts. Losing 20AL has no danger carried along with it. Clearly the higher your max health relative to AL is, the more useful an increase in AL is relative to an increase max health. Beyond 100-120 adding AL is basically a waste of effort. With health however you may benefit from a health increase right up til around 1-1.2k. The biggest armour ignoring, prot ignoring spikes are to the tune of 700 even in TA.

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    Prophecies - Superior Runes, 450-500 Health.
    Factions - Major Runes, 500-550 Health
    Nightfall - Minor Runes, 550-650 Health

    Eye of the North - No Runes, 650-700 Health

    Is that what we're going for?

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    No one ever ran majors. It went straight from sups to minors when armor swapping got nerfed. Even before then there were no sups on casters since prophecies, and only a few on warriors.

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    Many people run Majors now actually, and in Prophecies everyone but Monks ran Superiors. That might just be my HA-based opinion, but I still think it's true.

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