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    Build idea: Dozens of Dancing Knockdowns

    Hey all.. a lot of you will probably remember Arredondo's Dozens of Dancing Daggers build. Well, I started using it a bit and then figured out this variant(99% of the credit goes to Arredondo though... I would have never been able to create anything like his build ).

    Deadly Arts 16
    Shadow Arts 9
    Inspiration 10

    Dancing Daggers
    Entangling Asp
    Echo or Assassin's Promise
    Signet of Toxic Shock or Energy Management
    Deadly Paradox
    Feigned Neutrality
    Arcane echo or Optional

    So the thing is, instead of using Echo/Arcane Echo on DD, use it on Entangling Asp. You can either bring just Echo, bring Arcane+Assassin's promise or bring both Echo and Arcane Echo. The first two are pretty straightforward: Start with Deadly Paradox-->DD-->Echo/Arcane Echo-->Entangling-->Entangling etc. The nice thing is that your "lead" mark will stay there even if you hit with Entangling asp, allowing you to spam Entangling without the need to DD again. You will KD once every 5sec on average, a bit more with the third build(which requires you to cast DeadlyParadox-->DD-->Echo-->Entangling-->Arcane Echo-->Echoe'd Entangling-->etc.)
    While you wait for your Entanglings to recharge you can still spam DD for some nice damage or Signet of Toxic Shock.
    Main problem of this build is energy management. It's really energy intense, and the only way I've found to avoid being at 0nrg after a few KDs is to bring Channelling or Assassin's promise, which unfortunately require loads of enemies around, that is, PvE. And in PvE KD is pretty useless.. so well, if anyone has some idea about how to regain energy back let me know
    I want to say again that most of the credit for this build goes to Arredondo's and his Dozens of Dancing Daggers build(which btw works extremely well in PvE with ArcaneEcho/Assassin's Promise): http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...ancing+Daggers

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    Cool, a lot of variants were made too in this thread too.

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